[ztebladeopensource] Re: Turies

  • From: Sebastian Robinson <sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ztebladeopensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 17:29:27 +0100

Thats very true, it makes the Turies a bit of a non-starter for us tho, theres 
no released exploit for 2.3.5 as of yet, so no way to root it, and there is no 
kernel source, or anyway to re-write the boot partition if we did..

lets hope that the fastboot problems are an error and will be fixed with an 

On 23 Oct 2011, at 09:18, József Király wrote:

> It might be a modified fastboot, what only accepts uploads via a serial 
> console - JTAG, by example. It wouldn't be a surprise, as ZTE has been 
> deliberately trying to disable user-flashing, and removing fastboot is a bit 
> against the Android principles (to always have a method what can recover a 
> dead device). While this principle is not official, as I heard, Google 
> requires it most of the time (to make the work of warranty services easier, 
> and unified, except Samsung ofc...), and disabling it wasn't the best step, 
> so locking it down (á lá HTC) might be a better solution.
> 2011/10/23 Tom Giordano <tomgiordano83@xxxxxxxxx>
> Fastboot without USB is a bit pointless, I don't know why they would both 
> including it in the bootloader, but if you can't see anything in lsusb it is 
> certainly broken.
> On 23 October 2011 11:04, Sebastian Robinson <sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
> I'll grab a config tomorrow, if I try and build it against the SKATE kernel 
> source there is seems more than happy until it gets to the board file, so I 
> cant imagine its going to be too different...
> but then it is the usual story with ZTE now, we could 'fix' it but I'd rather 
> have the official source from them since its part of the licence terms....
> Im fairly sure that fastboot has no USB, I've not had this problem with any 
> of the other devices I've tried it with,  from my linux box doing an lsusb 
> just shows no USB devices, I've tried it on a windows PC and OSX just to be 
> sure.  
> I also tried using USBTrace on my windows box and its not seeing any sort of 
> activity on the USB port when its in fastboot mode, I can get the thing into 
> FTM and it's connectable via QPST so im fairly sure there is something up 
> with fastboot mode.....
> unless you have any other ideas I could try
> On 23 Oct 2011, at 00:50, Tom Giordano wrote:
>> The board files should be fairly easy to add (assuming the 2.6.32 source is 
>> correct). Can you pull a config from your device so I can test it compiles 
>> before I upload source (I can't find a Turies rom).
>> USB should work in fastboot, maybe you have a permissions problem (if using 
>> linux run it as root). USB is deliberately disabled in recovery by ZTE's 
>> FTM_MODE config switch.
>> On 23 October 2011 04:24, Sebastian Robinson <sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I'm not sure if anyone is still subscribed here, or if ZTE follow this, but 
>> I just wanted to flag up that the ZTE Turies is now available to buy in the 
>> UK, but there is no sign of the source code on ZTE's support site....   It 
>> comes with a 2.6.35 kernel, so I checked the Skate and Roamer source but was 
>> unable to build a kernel using that since the board files are missing.
>> I also noticed that when I reboot the device into recovery or fastboot mode 
>> there is no USB, is this on purpose?
>> Cheers,
>> Sebastian

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