[ztebladeopensource] Question regarding the Blade sleeping

  • From: "Morgan, Rob" <Rob.Morgan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ztebladeopensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 12:23:02 -0000

Hi Benny, I have been sent the following question regarding the Blade
"sleeping", please pass this request onto your developers to look at
when they have some spare time.  




I believe that, when on usb power/charge, only the screen 'sleeps'. (The
rest of the device does not go into sleep mode.)
And that when the phone does truly sleep, the hardware cuts off power
[i]as one to multiple significant functions[/i] - notably wifi and all
the phone's hardware buttons (except the power key) and the button leds.

It seems that when the software says "go to sleep", one single hardware
power switch is thrown, powering off multiple things with essentially
the same single switch. 

If that is a hardware inevitability during real 'sleep', then no
software modification (other than preventing sleep)can possibly fix the
things that don't work when (really) asleep such the (missed call)
notification leds not working when the phone is powered from battery (or
to have wifi not sleep when the phone does, or to wake the phone from
sleep by any other key than the power key.) 

Evidence: editing the 7k_handset.kl file to add other wake_dropped keys
has no effect (the software doesn't know that the keys are being pressed
when its really asleep). And the front hardware keys are not listed in
that file, but do "wake" the phone when its on charge/usb -- which they
wouldn't if the 7k_handset.kl file is being obeyed in that situation!

I think its important to get this resolved. 
If its hardware, then no software mod (other than preventing sleep) can
possibly ever fix these specific issues. 
It'd be important to know whether this is a fundamental hardware

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