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  • Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 09:27:30 -0000

A comment sent to me regarding what can and can't wake the phone out of
sleep, apparently the button on the headset will not wake the phone, can
any clarification be provided?





I also note that in the 7k_handset.kl file, "HEADSETHOOK" is defined
with a "WAKE" action. However, the button on the SF's wired headset does
not wake the phone - either from proper sleep or from screen-only-sleep
(on usb/charger). 
Presumably the module behind the headset socket is powered down in

Similarly, pressing the equivalent button on my Bluetooth headset does
not wake the phone either. 

From the HEADSETHOOK definition, it would seem that there might be some
diversity of opinion within ZTE as to what the phone should be doing.
Perhaps this could be offered to them for clarification?"




Should that action not be WAKE_DROPPED? I don't know too much but i know
adding that to the desire keypad.kl makes the phone wake up with Desired
button press.




What it SHOULD be is another thing entirely! 

That is what it says (so act on it, ie wake, then pass the event on to a
running app for it to do something). If it was 'dropped' then the event
would wake the phone and then be dropped, ie not passed on, so that the
first press wakes the phone only and has no other action. 

If you read back a few pages, you'll see that 1/ editing the
7k_keypad.kl file to add more wake_dropped keys is ineffective (those
keys are de-activated during sleep, so can't signal wake up) and 2/ ZTE
are under the misapprehension that that file does NOT have to do with
waking the phone's computer from sleep, only relighting the screen when
that is the only thing powered down (eg when on usb/charge, or when
playing music) - but they are confused! 
Read earlier in this thread. 

Fact is - the headset button has no wake-up effect. But it ought to
according to the file. 







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