[ztebladeopensource] Gingerbread

  • From: Robert Morgan <robertmorgan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ztebladeopensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 11:01:04 +0000

Hi Ben, we now have Tom onthe list, he is the guy who managed to hack the SDK 
image for Gingerbread to work onthe blade.  He has now managed to compiled an 
AOSP Gingerbread for us which is running though with some issues.  Wifi is 
working and the scree eventually turns itself the correct way around but RIL is 
not working, whilst we can see phone networks we cannot connect to any of them. 
 I think it would be a great thing for ZTE if they could help us to get 
Gingerbread up and running on their flagship phone!   It is believed that the 
RIL problem is due to changes made to framework.apk which are not publicly 
available, can you provide the source for your framework.apk please, it is part 
of android so it's open source.
this version is the first, Tom is releasing an improved version with working sd 
card and audio soon                                       

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