[ztebladeopensource] Further updates

  • From: József Király <fonix232@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ztebladeopensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:07:44 +0100

I assume you've already heard about Google's plans, how they will change
Market to force updates of the devices.

I think, best solution would be the following, and it would be very
prosperous for both sides.
I had this idea for a long time. This isn't just about me, or a few others,
but the whole community, including you too. I know how it works, internal
development, testing, etc.

But I say, this can be done community-wide.

So my offer/solution is:
- we, Android modders, developers, etc, work together with you, ZTE
Corporation, to create, and test the new softwares
- we help you by doing all development, "more eye sees more, more hands do
more" basis
- you help us by filling the holes (mean: fixing what we can't due to
copyright, unreleased or closed source, etc), we supply you a tested

This way, both sides gets what they want:
- You: new software updates with less development time and resource (meaning
more income)
- We: recent updates with all the things the community needs

So this way you don't have to refer for just your own resources and tests,
but a whole community would do the most of it, and you would get the final
version, best for user experience, and daily usage. Just take a look at
CyanogenMod development: two developers (our bests, I would say) made it
working and official in a few days! And it isn't a "boots but misses a lot
of things" version - only minor bugs remains! With such a speed and
reliability, and openness to the community, you could be the best Android
phone manufacturers in a few months! Because this is the biggest problem
with other manufacturers - they usually want to lock their devices the most.
But you, you won't. Open bootloader, etc, all is a good developer platform's
basics, and if you bundle it with flavors of a community-developed software
with recent updates, this would bring you much more developers!

Of course, this is only my point of view. I know you got agreements that you
can't release specific parts, and such. But, here is an idea how you could
beat both Samsung and HTC in Android phones:
- More variety of models, based on buyer's needs - simply, cover all needs.
One needs the best phone for all. Another one a little phone, with less
knowledge, at a lower price. One needs an intermediate phone, with medium
- Software. I still say, a community-manufacturer symbiotic  software update
system. We do what we can, develop software, send it to you, you add the
usual ZTE stuff for each area you cover, and release it as a FOTA update.
Weekly FOTA updates (even small ones, replacing or updating a few
applications, etc).
- More recent hardwares. Even if the Blade or the incoming Skate is kinda
up-to-date, these ones can't beat HTC's or LG's finest ones. Grab some more
AMOLED screens, Pico projectors, Tegra and OMAP4 CPU's, and do some more
designs. I can help in these if you're interested, I already have some ideas
about new phones, both external designs and internal stuff.

My point though isn't making about new phones, but updating the current ones
with official community ROMs. This would really call all developers (and
even Google) to your company, as everyone could have their customizations
present in a stock ROM! No more void warranties, fear from rooting, etc.
Users gets the best (and will have no hard feelings about ZTE, exactly the
opposite, the user will recommend you. Why? Great prices, great hardware,
great software. Simply the best combination), you save some more money and
even make more, and it is even possible that Google asks you to create it's
next Nexus device.

I know, you would say that this community-developed ROM idea is simply not
so reliable. I say, it is. Because it isn't that we make something for you
for free, but we make something for us, for free. So actually working with
you, is working for us ourselves. And a lot of developers sees this, what I
do. All we need is good communications and relations, and doing everything
what helps the other side.

I hope you understand why I say this, in the "light" of Google's latest
plans (what, actually, is bad and good in one. Bad, because old unsupported
devices will be kicked from the official Market, just like the Xperia X10
what is officially not getting any more updates. But, it is good for the
users as they get the latest updates for two years constantly (and this
means, at least four updates)).

Wishing you the best

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