[zerofossilfuel] Resonant cell idea 4u2 consider

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 20:32:37 -0400

Please don't respond to this, just kick it around among yourselves and forums that you may be a part of. Consider this...

Boyce, Meyer and others were all hitting resonance by trying to send it high frequency energy. Boyce took the shotgun approach with a wide spread of frequencies and harmonics. Meyer tried to zero in closer by sending it repetitive bursts of single frequency energy and catching the resonance as it sweeps through on each burst. They both work better than trying to send it a single frequency and hoping to hit it. Others are now toying with complex PLL and Micro Processors. I have a concept on paper to track the resonant frequency by frequency modulating a carrier signal and correcting based on phase angle of the error signal. I almost started down that path with my blinders securely fastened, UNTIL I had a flash of inspiration sitting on the toilet.

You know what? We're going about this all wrong. We are again the victims of misinformation. Either Meyer and/or Boyce are agents of misinformation or they are victims of it. Think about it. The pendulum of a clock can be made to resonate if we poke it lightly and repeatedly with our finger at the resonant frequency. But is that how the pendulum really operates in a clock mechanism? No. The clock spring does not feed the pendulum pulse energy at it's precise resonant frequency. The clock mechanism feeds the pendulum energy WHEN THE PENDULUM ASKS FOR IT. The pendulum itself sets the optimum frequency for itself. In electronic terms we call this a regenerative oscillator. Even if the pendulum weight were to shift up and down, it would still resonate. IT'S AN OSCILLATOR!

Why are we messing with ideas on how to force the resonant tank circuit of a cell and inductor to do something that it WANTS to do naturally and worry about figuring out ways to track it as the dynamics of the cell changes? Let the tank circuit itself set the frequency. Let the tank circuit be part of a regenerative power oscillator. Sample a portion of the energy, amplify it and feed it back into the tank circuit, in phase to sustain oscillation. Let it step charge the cell until it reaches catastrophic dielectric failure over and over. It doesn't matter how the dynamics of the cell changes. It will constantly be at it's own natural resonant frequency no matter what conditions change in the cell.


I'll be working on a circuit for this tomorrow, July 4th. If it works as I think it might, this might truly become *THE* Independence Day of all Independence Days, for all humanity, for all eternity.


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