[zerofossilfuel] Progress update, 2009/1/24

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:26:07 -0500

Dear friends,

It's been very slow over the winter months this year. Many family obligations, 
the burden of holidays, my day job, and just too cold to work at my bench in 
the garage. As many of you may have seen in my video #143 what I want to do is 
convert the 2nd structure on my property into a full time heated lab that I can 
work in year round uninterrupted. To that end I have made it a very high 
priority to begin construction of a roof peak storage area over my present flat 
roof garage so that I can empty the other structure now being used only as a 
shed and really put it to work.

During my hibernation I have not been idle, however. There is still a large 
demand for my PWM's, especially now that PWMPOWER has closed it's doors. 
Proceeds from these sales are going to suppliment the building costs of the 
addition. I should have another 15 ready in a week or two. Of course, any 
donations to this cause would also be greatly appreciated. I'm suggesting only 
$20 as a donation but if you would like to donate more, don't let me stop you! 

Some of you saw my live broadcast on Ustream this past November during the 
drive home from HHO games. That was such great fun I promise to do it again! 
For those of you who missed it, the entire trip home is archived at my Ustream 
show page. AND, starting Wednesday February 4th I intend to have regular weekly 
broadcasts on my Ustream channel to answer questions, show the gadgets I'm 
working on, have guest co-hosts and create virtual round-tables like the one at 
Manatee Tech Institute only in cyberspace! How cool is that?!?! To accommodate 
west coast viewers the show will begin at 10pm Eastern time every Wednesday and 
be scheduled to run for 1 hour.

Lastly, given how few of these email I have written you, it should be readily 
apparent that writing is not my favorite activity. However, I have been 
intorduced to a really great new service called Twitter. It's a free social 
networking service that allows hosts (that's me) to send updates to followers 
(that's you) in real time. Followers can elect to check my updates online at 
the Twitter web site only or RSS news feed on their web browser without 
creating a Twitter account of their own. Subscribers to the free Twitter 
service can also get email updates pushed out to them or even receive updates 
as short text messages to their cell phones! Hosts can only send messages 
called Tweets 140 characters in length or less each time. 

I HIGHLY recommend this service as I will use it almost exclusively going 
forward to send out reminders of live show events, updates on new experiments 
and links to relevant information that won't fit in 140 characters or less. I 
promise not to overload you with Tweets. Remember, I still hate to write! ;-)

All the best,

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