[zerofossilfuel] PWM release date, Generator testing

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 17:53:58 -0400

The moment is near. S/N 00020 is in front of me as I write this getting it's 
final wiring. Later I will be testing them all, writing up a brief instruction 
manual and connection diagram then deploying the shopping cart. The shopping 
cart will go live at precisely 10pm EDT on Wednesday, October 1st. Look for the 
shopping cart link in the left hand navigation frame on the main entry page at 
http://www.alt-nrg.org/ .

On another note, some have become concerned that my efforts to make these PWMs 
available by building them myself has put a stop to the research. Far from it. 
Last weekend I ran some calibrated gasoline consumption tests with my 5500 watt 
continuous / 8500 watt peak generator to prove or disprove the assertions I 
make on my opening page regarding increased overall total system efficiency by 
using HHO. The reason for using this type of generator (carbureted) was to 
eliminate the variable of the fuel injection ECU. I was almost hesitant to 
conduct these tests. What if I was wrong? What if everything I have been saying 
is a huge pile of crap? If it was, that would make me part of the problem.

Well, it's not a pile of crap and I am not wrong. Given the heat energy I lost 
due to the inefficiency of the power conversion equipment I had to use between 
the generator and the HHO cell (Linear regulated supply, PWM and cell itself) 
and the fact that my gasoline consumption remained static despite this excess 
heat loss, the math indicates about a 30-40% increase in total system 

Just WAIT until you see THIS video! People are going to be talking, and no 
doubt trying to shoot it down. The results speak volumes.


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