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  • Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 10:15:50 -0500

The good news is it looks like it might be warm enough to run my vacuum experiment today, Saturday. :-D The bad news is my DV cam won't be here until later next week so I'll still have to shoot with my cell phone until then. :-(

Maybe it will be here in time for the ICE test run on 100% HHO from 100% H2O. That's right, folks. Zero Fossil Fuel. I am cautiously optimistic that I am almost there.

A very good personal friend of mine has offered to donate a small ICE to experiment with. It will likely be salvaged from an old garden tiller or something similar with a gearbox that has multiple output shafts and v-belt pullies. I'm going to move the electric motor further forward on the pump base to put the existing pully further back on the shaft. Then I'll add a 2nd pully to the end of the electric motor shaft to serve as an idler to the ICE with a 2nd v-belt. All of this, plus the electrolyzer and a 12v alternator will be mounted to a board.

I'm also adding a 2nd bubbler/dryer and replacing the pump oil with synthetic that has a much higher flash point as added precautions.

I don't think I have to tell you, I'm excited.

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