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Hi all. It's finally starting to warm up (over 40*F, WooHoo!) and I'm getting 
some good time spent in the garage lab. I want to share with you some of the 
progress that's being made. You won't find this posted anywhere else.

At youtube I just posted "I have a microprocessor design on the drawing board 
that hunts for the natural resonant freq, locks on and tracks it in real time. 
1st tests will be two plates only. Not sure how a series plate config will 
behave. I also have a hunch that parallel plates might resonate like a panpipe, 
each at it's own freq."

What I didn't say it that the next plate config for the resonant cell is going 
to be one huge parallel plate coiled up like an electrolytic capacitor. This is 
going to a tricky build. It will need two strips of 316L between 6" - 12" wide 
and at least 3 feet long, coiled and spaced concentrically with cable ties. 
Electrically, it's going to be Stan's concentric tubes on steroids. I think 
I've seen this tried once before on YouTube but it was so crudely made that it 
probably didn't work very well. Nor did they try resonance. They simply tried 
to pump 12V into the two plate design which I can already tell you is highly 
inefficient and heats to boiling almost instantly. They probably gave up and 
threw it out because I've seen nothing about it since.

I've already brought in some of the electronics that I will need for the build 
- Schmitt trigger chips for the Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), MOSFETs 
for the drive, etc. Still need to buy a Paralax processor, spools of enamel 
copper wire, a long sheet of 316L, have it stamped to size at a sheet metal 
shop and electrode strips spot welded.

Don't know if anyone has noticed but my two latest vids were recorded with a 
new DV cam that was purchased with your donations! It's nothing fancy. I don't 
want to waste your money. I got it on ebay for around $80 plus $20 for S&H. 
They claim 5MP native, 11MP interpolated but it's still pretty grainy when 
fully digitally zoomed. There is no optical zoom. It has 3 fixed focus settings 
- distant and portrait each with good field depth and macro with a very narrow 
field depth. Very good for reasonably clear close-ups. Frame rate and audio 
quality are both excellent. The only thing it doesn't have is a mic jack. I may 
hack it and try to add one so I can record using my headset and eliminate room 
echo and background noise. I bought the jack. Now I just need is the nerve to 
perform the micro-surgery.

On the Plasma front, I'm attaching a couple photos of that project too! I hope 
they come through. The cathode is a piece of 12ga solid copper wire pressed 
into the silicone rubber insulation from a hunk of high performance spark plug 
wires. On the tip is a bead of palladium/nickel alloy from a piece of wire I 
bought from a jeweler, brazed onto it with a MIG tip HHO torch powered by my 
Zero-Cell and the high current bench supply cranking about 30A (also donation 

Please tell everyone you know about this research and please keep those 
donations coming. Choose from $10, $20, $50 , $100, $200, $500 or $1,000. For 
$2,000 and over you must have your own verified PayPal user account. None of it 
will go to waste.

Thanks for your support!


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