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  • Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 17:27:04 +0200

The table / view icons in the SQLiteSpy schema treeview should have:

* a green plus sign if the table / view has records.
* a red minus sign if the table / view is empty.

If tables have changed by external applications, the icons might not reflect the current data state. In this case, press [F5] to refresh.

I am unsure why you see "unadorned" table / view icons. Can you instruct
me how to reproduce this?


On 01.08.2019 13:49, Dominique Devienne wrote:

The icon used for tables and views, is either: - unadorned of any decoration - decorated with a green plus - decorated with a red minus

We have empty views (i.e. returning no rows), some are unadorned, others are red-minus. When we select from them, from SQLiteSpy or SQLite's CLI, both views appear "correct" (no errors are produced).

So what's the meaning of those decorations? I can't find any doc
that describes this.
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