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At 16:14 28.08.2009, Mike Dixon wrote:

>I had older (really old) versions of the following installed:

Old versions have really been superseded by newer ones.

>I went to Component->Install Packages and Removed the Delphi Inspiration
>components. Exited Delphi, deleted the projects\bpl\ delphi inspiration
>bpl's, then restarted Delphi 6.
>I Extracted the components as follows:
>In D:\Borland\Delphi6\Controls\
>  DIHtmlParser\
>  DIPcre\
>  DIUnicode\

Please extract all packages into the same directory. Open DIHtmlParser.dpk and 
add to it DIPcre_Reg.pas (or similar). DIUnicode usually does not need 
installation. Compile and install.

>I opened D:\Borland\Delphi6\Controls\DIHtmlParser\Source\DIHtmlParser_D6.dpk
>and compiled and installed fine.
>When I open D:\Borland\Delphi6\Controls\DIPcre\Source\DIRegEx_D6.dpk it
>compiles fine, but when I choose install it issues the following error:
>Cannot load package 'DIRegEx_D6.'  It contains unit 'DIUtils,'which is also
>contained in package 'DIHtmlParser_D6'
>What am I doing wrong? 

The above packages share equal files between each other to reduce application 
size. When extracted into different folders, Delphi sees them as different 
files, even though they are identical. Hence extracting into the same folder 
should solve the problem.


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