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  • From: "Joan Dorrepaal" <joan.dorrepaal@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 11:49:35 +0200

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the quick response. I will keep you informed on our
experience with DISQLite. I know it is not easy to manipulate search
engine results but shouldn't putting in this phrase on your product
page do the trick for Google?

Delphi single file embedded database

In case you have availability from October onwards, it would be of
interest for me to do a small project to see if we can work well
together. If it works out for the both of us and we can pay your
rates, then I would look for a number of days per week on an almost
continuous basis.

Best regards,
Joan Willem Dorrepaal.

On 8/19/08, Delphi Inspiration <delphi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Joan Dorrepaal wrote:
> >We will test DISQLite3 the coming weeks and purchase it when it works
> >for us. Some of your other components will follow the same route.
> >
> >I enjoyed browing your website. But it was by pure coinsidence that I found 
> >it:
> >
> >http://coding.derkeiler.com/Archive/Delphi/borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.general/2007-01/msg00730.html
> >
> >If this is factual, you should do something more with it.
> Robert's benchmark created quite some attention when he published it. I was 
> of course very pleased with the results, and believe that they tend to be 
> true even today as DISQLite3 has seen various performance enhancements since.
> On the other hand, benchmarks must focus on particular usage fields and are 
> hardly ever truely representative. I therefore like to leave benchmarking to 
> other users and the community to rate their objectivity.
> >I was disappointed when the Nexus trial showed a Paradox style of table
> >storage and searched on Google with keywords:
> >
> >Delphi single file embedded database
> >
> >Then I still got a listing of products that I had a hard time with
> >until I finally got to the link above. Can you not make your product
> >appear in the top 10? It would help out many people like me looking
> >for a quality product.
> Talking about search engine optimization? Difficult to do, or expensive, 
> AFAICT. Of course I welcome links to www.yunqa.de or other suggestions to 
> improve the site!
> >Final question: Do you do freelance (Delphi) programming work?
> Yes, but I will have no time to accept further projects before October.
> Ralf
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