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  • Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 11:31:54 +0100

Thanks R.

Demos = Huge apologies (again), it was those pesky XE2 uses namespaces again. 
Why Delphi can't translate them I don't know ?!!

Use Constants. Perhaps a dedicated unit for them would be best ?

I will never get beyond Lego and Brio I think, which is why I like visual, 
rather than code examples.

You are very patient, I appreciate it.


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On 02.04.2012 11:16, Jon Burnham wrote:

> 2) Best way of storing SQL statements persistently, any thoughts - 
> perhaps just a hidden memo with labels ?

  SQL = 'select * from table';

Fastest, most memory efficient and easiest to maintain.

> 3) Those demo's need to be updated for XE2.

According to my testing, the DISQLite3 demos compile and run well with Delphi 
XE2, both Win32 and Win64. Which demo does not work for you? Your statement 
needs evidence and accuracy.

> I still think form based demo's are much easier to understand.

Thanks for sharing your point of view. Others might prefer a different 
approach. To satisfy both likings, DISQLite3 comes with plenty of demos, both 
console and form based.

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