[yunqa.de] Re: DiHTMLParser and finding pieces of text with only nbsp

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 07:18:33 +0200

On 10.04.2012 17:20, GoustiFruit wrote:

> I set the parser to take action when it finds text in specifics parts of
> my HTML code, but it seems it won't detect text when there is only a
> "&nbsp" between the tags, is there a way to make it stop on these pieces
> too ?

You don't say how exactly you set up the TDIHtmlParser, but &nbsp;
between text is always parsed and reported as ptText.

If you registered the &nbsp; entity (using RegisterHtmlDecodingEntities,
for example), the &nbsp; entity will be converted to the #$00A0
character. This might explain why you don't see the &nbsp; in the parsed

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