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Hi there,

While we are on the Delphi 2010 subject, I would be glad to have a
sample including the new Delphi 2010 attributes for SQLite object


DI> At 03:37 28.08.2009, Caleb Jeffery wrote:

>>Hi I have a couple of questions in regards to DSQLite3
>>I would like to know if this will be supported in the new codegear Rad
>>studio 2010?

DI> The plan is to provide DISQLite3 for Delphi 2010 in due time. The
DI> exact release date depends on the work in progress.

>>(I have been able to get the demos working under 2009 but I am having
>>issues with this version now that i have upgraded to 2010 with my actual

DI> DISQLite3 (version 2.0.9 at the time of this writing) supports D4 to D2009.

>>also how does one go about using SQLite in terms of wanting to deploy on
>>our clients machines?Ie.

DI> For commercial use, you are required to purchase a license. It is
DI> per developer and allows you to distribute DISQLite3 in binary
DI> form along with your applications on client machines royalty free.

>>What licencing would be required? etc...

DI> Please see the DISQLite3 Help -> License for the full license
DI> agreement. To register, follow the link on the DISQLite3 web site at 

DI> Ralf 

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