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Hello Oliver Metzlaff,

>is there any way to install the components on Delphi 2005 PE? I read
>that db.pas not is required and would test it, but on install dbrtl,
>db and so on are not found, because not aviable on Delphi 2005PE.

Short answer:

If you do not have db.pas, you can not install the DISQLite3 components, but 
the DISQLite3 database engine works perfectly fine without.

Longer answer:

The DISQLite3 database engine is not based on TDataSet and works completely 
independently of db.pas. The installable components just add an additional 
wrapper level on top of the main engine to support data-aware controls for the 
comfort of those who have db.pas. If your Delphi has not, it also does not 
support data-aware controls because they rely on db.pas. Hence it would not 
make sense to install the DISQLite3 components into your IDE anyway.

However, you can still use the complete database engine functionality of 
DISQLite3. There is the main API (all procedures and functions starting with 
sqlite3...) as well as the non-TDataSet object wrappers (TDISQLite3Database and 
TDISQLite3Statement). In fact, most demo projects only use the native API or 
the simple, non-TDataSet wrappers. As long as you stick to those, DISQLite3 
works perfectly well without db.pas.


Just do not install the DISQLite3 components if your Delphi is missing db.pas. 
Instead, use one or both of these units to access the DISQLite3 functionality:

  DISQLite3Api      (main API)
  DISQLite3Database (simple, non-TDataSet wrappers)


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