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  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:28:12 +0200

Clyde wrote:

>Thanks, the problem was with my test data being incomplete and I was expecting 
>SYSTEM to have ALL uppercase data to come before ALL lowercase data (similar 
>to the default sqlite collation), and that SYSTEMNOCASE should be the only one 
>to group differnet case together.

Glad you were able to sort this out!

>It would appear that the collation SYSTEM gives *nearly* equal "weight" to 
>upper and lowcase letters that are the same, rather than a big gap between say 
>How can I get a table or list of what each character "weight" is when the 
>Collation SYSTEM is used?

I don't know. The actual comparison is done by the Windows.CompareString... 
function and its actual implementation depends on the user/system langauage 
setting (German might sort different than French). You would have to ask 
Microsoft for the actual comparison tables or implement your own string 
comparison function to know 100% for sure what is going on.


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