[yshavurah] Dessert and Coffee anyone?

  • From: DinoRay@xxxxxxx
  • To: yshavurah@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 15:38:22 EDT

Hey People,
    We=E2=80=99ve been able to contact many of you personally but I=E2=80=
=99m sure there are=20
many potentially interested people whom we=E2=80=99ve missed. What we have i=
s an=20
opportunity for you to share dessert and coffee with us at Temple Sholom in=20
Springfield on Sunday evening October 14, at 7:00 PM. Besides, and much more=
important than dessert and coffee, you=E2=80=99ll have:
1. An opportunity to listen to and chat with Representative Hobson on the=20
current state of Congressional- Israeli relations. Since the horrific events=
of September 11 occurred
after Representative Hobson agreed to come I=E2=80=99m sure there will be so=
discussion of those events as well.  Since Representative Hobson must leave=20
for California immediately after his presentation we=E2=80=99ve promised he=20=
could go=20
at 8 PM so
 we=E2=80=99ll start at precisely 7. We hope you can come and that you can b=
e there a=20
few minutes before 7.
 2. An opportunity to listen to, and respond to if you wish, a presentation=20
on the Springfield Jewish United Welfare Fund drive , which is the mechanism=
by which we contribute to the support of Israel through the UJA ( I=E2=80=
forgotten it=E2=80=99s new name) . =20
     If you=E2=80=99ve not been contacted personally and would like to atten=
d, please=20
send me a message at dinoray@xxxxxxx so we can plan for seating, dessert and=
coffee. If you=E2=80=99ve been contacted there is no need to respond.

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