[yoshimi] Re: adding external midi controller

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On 31/12/2018 21:04, distro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Here's a new topic, or a quick question as i did attempt a quick search at least in mailing ist archives before posting.

So I received my Nektar XL25+ MIDI keyboard controller today. I connected it via the USB to desktop. Booted up Yoshimi. Looked around and could not locate any option to enable or set it as the MIDI controller.

Yoshimi > Settings > Jack, Alsa, MIDI tabs - no options. Also basically look through out GUI and nothing.

I did then open up another linux MIDI virtual app called VMPK (Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard) and under ALSA, for example, it did recognize while plugged in naturally and have option to set the device as the input MIDI connection, and worked.

Any advice (holding my breath and crossing my fingers here)? Looked in manual could not locate any section on input MIDI controller settings.


Assuming you have jack running then sometimes you have to run a thing called a2jmidid which is a package for exposing (legacy) alsa devices to jack.


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