[yoshimi] Re: Yoshimi V 1.5.10

  • From: redu <reino.urala@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yoshimi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 19:53:41 +0200

I would prefer Yoshimi instead of ZynAddSubFX, as

1) Midi Learn is informative

2) There are 64 parts


Tested Yoshimi + Qjackctl in 6 laptops. Ubuntu 18.04 in all of these. Tested Yoshimi in some old ones and some new ones.

In 3 of these, Yoshimi appears as source in “Audio tab” of Qjackctl as expected.

In 3 of these, Yoshimi only appears in “ALSA tab” as input, but not in “Audio tab” nor “MIDI tab”

Read through all Yoshimi mailing list postings, but there are nothing similar reported?

Tried all possible settings in Qjackctl and Yoshimi, but no better?

Tried Yoshimi CMD parameters -J, -j, -K, -k. No better?

Tried Patchbay. It does not see Yoshimi in”Audio”.

A2jmidid does not help here.

Latest version 1.5.10 does not change anything here.

Most weird was that one HP 8440p played Yoshimi well, but another similar not?

Somehow, in the failing laptops, the Yoshimi does not see the Qjackctl JACK connection but only the Alsa input connection? It possibly refuses to start in JACK mode, but works only as Alsa input? That is: I can connect midi keyboards to Yoshimi, but can not connect Yoshimi to system in “Audio tab”.

Tested laptops (ZynAddSubFX + Qjacctl works well in all of these):

HP Elitebook x360 ok

Dell Inspiron 3721 fails

HP Elitebook 8440p ok

HP Elitebook 8440p II fails

HP NC 6400 ok ( core2 cpu, slow)

IBM Thinkpad T61 fails

Any idea? Are these failing laptops faulty ones? But why then ZynAddSubFX plays well in all of these!

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