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  • Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 05:35:56 -0600

On 12/30/18 1:05 AM, distro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Jonathan -cool! Thank you for the response.
You are most welcome.

I understand about the CentOS/RHEL situation. Basic dev libraries are painfully out-of-date, repo use is a pain, etc. I had to basically use and get familiar with CentOS for a good 6-months+ for professional reasons and was severely missing the wide world and ease of Arch + Yoshimi, thus glad to be back... (I'll stick to RHEL for web servers and short updates and sessions)..

Since my last email, just a short while ago, I sprung and bought myself my 1 xmas gift for the year, thankfully belatedly, for the sole purpose of use with Yoshimi:

a 25-key synth - Nektar Impact LX25+
Good on you finding that.  I did a read on the Nektar site and reviews, looks like just the thing for synthus profundus :-).  Their pedals get reviews surprisingly good given the price, my next sustain pedal will be theirs; I have one squeaking now.


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