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  • Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 20:43:53 -0600

Greetings, Distro, and welcome.  Yoshimi is broad and deep enough that there are probably very few who know all of it.  But indeed we have a wonderful tool and wonderful community!

A comment or three:

Arch linux user. [Sidenote: would be great if it were packaged for CentOS repos as well]

I like CentOS a lot in my server applications, its stability and predictability.  Two or three years ago I spent some serious time trying to build the foundation of a BNR <https://lsn.ponderworthy.com> using CentOS, and found that the stability and predictability of CentOS comes explicitly because it explicitly uses older, and stable and predictable, versions of many libraries, and found them much too old to support many tools I needed.  I found that I could probably get them all in, but at quite a high cost in time, and when one does that kind of work one often has to juggle versions of more things, in a cascade of ripples outgoing.  Things might well have changed since I last tried it, but I doubt it: in the last year or so I found myself smacking into a wall because a CentOS-specific security change makes it impossible to run Syncthing as a user service, something which to my knowledge any other distro except probably RHEL can do easily.  Given that RHEL (and therefore CentOS) are standardizing lockdowns which the rest of the Linux world is not, this makes me even more inclined to stick to RHEL/CentOS on server only, and go elsewhere for music development.

Happily, most of my music dev has been in Debian, a few derivatives, Manjaro, and a few other derivatives of Manjaro.  For at least a few years Manjaro has been my go-to for both music and general desktop, because it has worked most consistently and fastest and (most important for music) the AUR gives me just about any off-the-beaten-track code I want very easily and usually with helpful hand-holding.  Also I love custom kernel compiling under Manjaro, the Xanmod kernel with native CPU optimization is simply marvelous :-)

I recently read that there is an audio spin on Fedora <https://labs.fedoraproject.org/en/jam/>, which has intrigued me some, because quite a few years ago Fedora and RPM in general was a very healthy place indeed for our areas of code.  However, as for right now, I don't have reason to invest the time to test beyond Manjaro.

- Fyi, opening Yoshimi on my arch build installed from aur repo, Alsa looks to be set as the preferred/default midi and audio. From my view or experience, Jack or Alsa - I suppose I have used either/or relating to various audio applications. I never really think about or had to think about, as I never ran into any problems using my own custom arch install. Alsa seems to be the default for most, at least what I have used.. I would prefer Alsa though as a default for reasons of common audio driver.
Depends what you want to do :-)  The BNR uses a total of four Yoshimi processes at once, mixed according to the desired patch, run through Calf filters; JACK is quite vital :-)
I am currently using a chiclet key smaller type of keyboard as the midi-controller. I was just looking to maybe buy a budget midi controller keyboard with hopefully 32 keys at least at 40-75$ range, that would interface like my keyboard as option. Honestly not sure I need one but, but interested in expanding and employing such a tool if it could use more options.
If you pipe your MIDI through one of a few filters, you can do anything you like with each MIDI-assignable key or control on any keyboard.  There are a few different filters out there.
But on that front, I do not want to involve additional software or external dependencies (outside what would be tagged along with Yoshimi package install, similar to currently simplicity).  Again, my process or use of Yoshimi is desired to be: Midi-Controller/Keyboard > Yoshimi + mouse/keyboard > audacity (record) > wav. I am not looking for an extensive editing suite or DAW. Yoshimi as a simple synth instrument + potential major brand midi-controllers would be ideal of course if it were doable in "lite"-manner.
Not quite sure.  And of course I don't really know your specific needs.  Anyone know if there is a canonical list of MIDI-addressable controls within Yoshimi?  I know patch selection has seen lots of marvelous effort; I wonder about things like pitch bend, volume, and others.
What I liked about Yoshimi after launching after install and discovery (and being familiar with prior Windows software etc from year past) was its simplicity and clear, ease of use at the most basic and necessary level. Just select a instrument and play/record.
Ditto!  And such marvelous power...when you're ready to try your hand :-)  And the quality of the waveforms available...yummmmmmmmmm....I'm a quality junkie, 20-20kHz; the highest highs feather so delicately if you want them to do so, at 96kHz sampling...and anyone reading this, don't bother to lecture me otherwise, I've built and tested and retested enough!
Not to clutter the mailing list, but any proffered advice on Yoshimi use related to #5c aka midi controller use with a basic setup: pc/linux > advanced midi-controller -OR- simple midi-controller/keyboard advanced features would totally be of as interest as well, in other words end-user discussion/advice via the mailing list if that is acceptable!
Not cluttering, this is what we are here for.  Tell us some details of what you are wanting to do, that you aren't doing yet.
# There's a monster message for you to digest, some feedback, user scenario, desires and dreams.
# Excuse and poor grammer or mispelling -- told ya I'm lazy on that front or regarding docs.

No worries!


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