[yoshimi] ALSA and/or JACK hand-holding

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  • Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 19:08:02 -0600

Indeed.  Yoshimi has never contained the extreme hand-holding that a very few software instruments and related tools have. There have always been more important priorities, which are the tones and timbres and the music.  Those who know, are grateful !!!!!   Perhaps someone with ready experience in the related coding may add such hand-holding...or not, and if not, we will retain leaner code.  Am not worried about it either way, and will discourage anyone from worrying about it also.  As long as we have ALSA and JACK capability, users will figure out how to set them up :-)  aconnect for ALSA certainly.  I haven't been able to use QJackCTL reliably (to control JACK) for a little while in my favorite setups, but Cadence and its collective have been doing the job much better anyway.  I am quite excited about patchmatrix, the newest option I'm aware of for wiring the bits up, apparently in October JACK2 acquired the required metadata, will be trying this as soon as rebuild time comes once again :-)


On 12/31/18 4:28 PM, Will Godfrey wrote:

Going back to the start...

First of all, please keep in mind that Yoshimi has a *very* small number of
people who can devote a lot of time to it. That small number being 1 - me :(

When I first looked at the MIDI code it didn't attempt to make any connection
at all (neither did most other software I came across). Some stuff did, and
used the ALSA port primitives to connect to the first device it saw. Which was
highly dependent on what order things are started up, and assumed no re-starts.

None of this mattered much to most people as qjackctl was used to quickly link
stuff together by name, or they used session software. Also Rosegarden (my
sequencer of choice) could find Yoshimi and auto connect to it if configured to
do so. That last bit is important because if it was not configured to, then
trying to connect via qjackctl would appear to work but Rosegarden ignored the
connection - it had to be the boss.

Over a period of time I worked out how to identify a source by ID (rather than
port number) if it was known, and provided the entry in the ALSA tab for that.
If you know the ID the hardware reports (which may not be quite the same as
printed by aconnect -l) just enter that, save settings and Yoshimi will find it
and connect to it every time it starts.

That did everything I wanted it to at that time, and apparently what everyone
else wanted, so I moved on to other more important issues.

I would refer you to "The Short Yoshimi Guide.odt" in the "doc" directory for
some more info on this.

This is the first time anyone has raised this since then, and although I'll put
it on the list, I can tell you there is still much more that Yoshimi *really*

If we were really smart we'd be able to find inputs in real time as they
appear, but although that is easy to suggest, it is enormously complex to

Yoshimi is first and foremost a soft-synth, When Cal forked it from Zyn 2.4.1
he initially stripped out everything that was not essential, and since I've
been in the driving seat I've tried to keep as close to that as seems


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