[YAMos-dev] Re: Start numbering of read windows at "1" instead of "0"

  • From: Jens Langner <Jens.Langner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yamos-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 16:53:32 +0200

David Rey schrieb:
> Just for the record about my comment added to change request #1780690:
> My comment was sarcastic of course, I'll never add such chapter. However,
> someone WILL have to explain why a window numbered "1" in the GUI will now
> have to be referred as a different number when using the ARexx interface.
> In the end you create more and more inconsistencies just to satisfy a request
> from a guy, be it someone else or yourself, neither thinking much about the
> consequences. People are forced to add more and more IFs to their scripts as
> YAM development goes, so eventually nobody will bother writing one. In fact
> I think we have reached this point already.
> But of course now you will counter-argument by asking where are those many
> ARexx scripts anyway, claiming the user base is less and less every day and
> so on, and then I'd have to ask why you bother with YAM in the first place.
> Then you call me unprofessional for saying what I think, and I have to
> shut up for the nth time out of respect for everyone else and because I
> still care for something that I dislike more and more every week.
> Nothing new.

Well, David. You didn't even try to ask me why I considered the change
request from Mario to be worth and why I implemented it. All you have
done (again) was to bash at me and my work on YAM, which of course is
also nothing new. But please understand that I am not the kind of guy
you want to make everyone think. I am open for discussions as long as
you bring up reasonable arguments. And if they are reasonable enough and
make sense to me I will consider going your way. However, you haven't
brought up a single argument - instead of "yet another inconsistency" or
"yet another change to something that worked different for years".

Sorry, but for me the argument "It worked different the years before"
doesn't count. We are doing a new release and people have to expect that
things change... At the time I was thinking about (and yes, I am
thinking about ALL requests) Mario's request on changing the read window
numbering in the window title to start from 1 rather than 0, I
considered his arguments reasonable. In fact, the window title in the
read window is *just* cosmetical. It doesn't have *any* technical aspect
nor does it have any connection on the way read windows are technically
adressed e.g. via arexx scripts. I could have also completly removed the
numbering in the window title like it is when you have multiple read
window support disabled, but I think it makes sense to give the *user*
(not the [arexx] developer) a numbering for his open windows as soon as
he has enabled the multipe read window support. Just showing the subject
line isn't really intuitive enough IMO. So, and as that numbering is for
the end-user, he would probably expect natural numbering which starts
with 1 rather than zero. And my change shouldn't affect any known or
unknown arexx script because I have just changed the window title and
not the way read windows have to be addressed when writing arexx
scripts. For an arexx script developer, the read window numbering will
still start at zero, no matter what and I don't see why this should be
an issue as he really doesn't have to care about what is written in the
window title at all, ergo no inconsistency.

However, should I have overseen something you are of course requested to
proof me wrong or give me arguments that will convince me that the
previous window title numbering should be restored. But regularly
bashing at me and the general roadmap/work on YAM will just give me the
impression that you are probably too burned out and biased so that you
should perhaps take a rest or resign from working in our team.

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