[YAMos-dev] Re: Recent development issues

  • From: David Rey <tactica_os4@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: YAMos-dev <yamos-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:42:43 +0200

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 13:03:00 +0200, Thore Böckelmann wrote:

> Hi everybody!

> It is not really nice to see how the common tone has gone down again. Two 
> weeks
> ago Olaf was satisfied by getting his SAS/C support back and David Rey 
> rejoined
> the team. Really nice. Finally there seems to be some interest in YAM's 
> further
> development outside the very limited range of the usual persons (Jens, me).

For obvious reasons I'm not interested in any further development, only in the
documentation. Last time I tried "developing" I was insulted in the changelog,
so I won't touch anything outside doc/ and locale/ ever again.

> Whenever someone thinks that something is not as he/she likes, then there 
> should 
> be a discussion whether to change this thing or not. But this discussion 
> should 
> never start like "this MUST be changed, just because I think that something 
> is 
> wrong".

By the time I rejoined the signature colouring had already been implemented.

Besides, Jens never proposes anything here, he just goes and does it. He
has good and bad reasons for that - before you joined, he was the only
active developer anyway, but OTOH this should change now. It would be
unrealistic to expect him to ask me before adding the next feature, but
OTOH he should consult you. If possible, using this mailing list. But hey,
who I am to say...

> Well, at this point I must keep with Jens. There are just two small passages 
> which could really be translated ("This program is free software..." and "The 
> latest news about YAM can be found at..."). Everything else just consists of 
> names of persons, project names and URLs. Nothing worth translating or which 
> can 
> be translated at all. We could change YAM to make these two paragraphs 
> translatable while keeping the rest as it is. The point is: is it really 
> worth 
> the effort? And if we translate this stuff, what comes next? Do we have to 
> translate the GNU public licence, just because some user might not understand 
> english? I have looked into many other projects, but the GPL was *always* 
> included unchanged, and that means: in english!

You don't have to translate the license, only everything in the About window
that is subject to translation. That's everything but names. Even "General
Public License" should be translated, because I doubt you would refer to it
that way if you were to describe it to e.g. your father. And *I* for a change
would want my father to be able to use YAM one day.

But this is all academic if the final decision is up to Jens.
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