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  • From: Tony Preston <apreston@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yamos-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 09:10:22 -0400

On 21-May-02, Jens Langner wrote:
 > First of all I would say, send us your sourceforge account name and I will
 > add you to the project member list. Second perhaps you should read the
 > README carefully that is coming with YAM out of the CVS, because we use
 > some autogenerating tools you have to compile first. So you can`t assume
 > that a "smake" just works out of the box.
My sourceforge account name is tonyfpreston
 > And third I wish you luck in hunting those bugs and please send us your
 > diff files first because you are new here and perhaps it would be good to
 > have a look at your proposed changes first.
 > Another good point of starting would be to have a look at the StyleGuide
 > within the classes directory.
No problem...  I understand that I am the newbie here...:)  I will give the
stuff a look.

My system is an A2000 with a GVP 060 card 50 Mhz and 48 Mb memory, ECS
chipset, 1 MB chip.  I am currently downloading cvs 1.11.p1  is that the best
version to use?

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