[YAMos-dev] Re: New BirthdayRequester

  • From: Jens Langner <Jens.Langner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yamos-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 10:40:36 +0200

Hi Frank,

first of all, sorry for the looooong delay in answering your request,
but I have been quite busy recently and haven't had lot of time to
follow up all emails I wanted... Please do not understand that as a
misregard of your concerns or suggestions. However, I am not going to
try to answer your questions as detailed as possible.

>> Am 18.04.10 22:36, schrieb Frank Weber:
>> 3) Instead of using an own custom hook function you may perfectly
>> create an own private method and call that one instead in your
>> Notify constructs. This should be more error proven and does not
>> require such ugly arg[0]/arg[1] casting constructs. Furthermore
> Ok i put all into an "FinishInput" method and hope again i do all
> correct.

It looks fine to me.

>> it should be possible to initialize the window with a "dispose on
>> close" attribut so that even the PushMethod for calling
>> OM_DISPOSE are not required.
> I can't find such "dispose on close" attribut. Such thing would be of
> course very handy. Do you remember the correct name?
> It should be of course also available on OS3.x.
> So i still use the PushMethod and let the app dispose the object.

Hmm, I have briefly searched through the YAM source code, but couldn't
find the attribute which I had in mind. I am probably wrong, but I
haven't got the time right now to search deeper. However, your solution
seems also good to me and we can tune it later anyway. ;)

>> But apart from these three things you patch is really nice and
>> well thought. So as soon as you have solved the above things,
>> feel free to commit it.
> Can you please have again a look at the attachd patch
> BirthdayRequestWindow.diff before i commit it?

I looked over it and can't find any cultrip or other pressing things
that have to be changed before your commit. So please feel absolutely
free to commit it. As Thore also pointed out, we can modify/patch it
later on again if we feel something can be improved...

>> I think we added the BirthdayCheckTime also to make sure that the
>> user could in theory control when the birthday checking should be
>> performed instead of doing it at 00:00 each night.
> Such possibility if fine but not with a default time at 10:00 AM.
> At this time the mayority of users is (or at least sould be) at work.
> It would be fine if a user gets informed before he is going to work
> for the case YAM was running overnight. So he has the whole day to
> write a birthday mail, do a telephone call or do anything other
> with/for the birthday child. If he is coming back from work it could
> be to late for some action. So a default at 00:01 AM would be fine
> to be sure it's really a new day. If a user change the default time he
> really should know what he is doing.

Hmm, you are probably right. However, I would use 00:00 then and not
00:01. But 10:00 really seems not to be the optimal default time. So you
can change that as well if you want.

>>> Or if you really want to keep this config entry then at least
>>> reschedule the check for the saved time on the next day and do
>>> not the check twice on the same day.
>>> What the developers think about that?
>> That's true, that should not be the case and can definitely be
>> considered to be a bug which should be fixed in the final
>> version.
> Should i file a bugreport so we remember about that?

Do so, yes.

>> Thanks again for your patch and please go on with your great and
>> valuable work!
> No problem. I would rather do some work on AWeb but without a CVS or
> SVN respority it makes not much sense. :-(

That's right. So again thank you for your patch and I am really sorry
that the review of your nice patch took sooo long. Please accept my
apologies, but I have been quite busy lately. So please don't let
yourself demotivate from that and continue to submit such valueable
patches to us. And now that you have more or less proven you know what
you are doing :), feel free to commit your changes right away without
bringing up all single change here in advance. We are regularly watching
the commit log and if we feel something can be optimized/changed we will
adapt your changes for sure, sooner or later :)

Jens Langner, Dresden/Germany
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