[YAMos-dev] Good bye and thank for you the fish

  • From: David Rey <tactica_os4@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: YAMos-dev <yamos-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 00:59:45 +0100

I really didn't want to go this far (again) but I have reached a point where
I consider life is too short to waste my time this way.

Jens reverted most of my changes (or should I say fixes) to YAM.cd after I
spent my whole week of holidays this year on it. How (well) I use my time is
of course my business, but a systematic revert of changes means my work is not
wanted here. A fix here and there I can understand, a revert of 100 strings to
the original /germanglish/ I can't.

So, since now I'm left with little to no motivation to update the documentation,
I better don't bother instead of doing a substandard job, because YAM deserves
something much better. I'm sure Bill or anyone else can fit the position, I'm
positively, definitely not interested any more.

There Jens, you can already post your version of the story, I'll save everyone
a pointless discussion by unsubscribing right now. Nobody here will have to
hear from me again so everyone will be happy.

Many thanks Marcel for giving us YAM, and every developer here for his work so 
2.5 is already the best YAM ever and I'm proud I could offer some help along
these years.

All the best,


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