• From: Michael Trebilcock <trebs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yamos-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 19:14:14 +0930

Hello Jens

On 13-Oct-02, you wrote:

> Hello Michael,
> On Heute Michael Trebilcock (trebs@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> [...]
>>> So, if no one in here has a big argument against changing this to
>>> FORMAT_DEF, I will commit my changes ASAP.
>> Well, i have no idea why anyone would complain about the changes. Make
>> the changes, and screw what people say because they're being illogical :)
> And well, it`s not _that_ easy. Right now YAM always displays the date
> with a "modified" AmigaDOS format "13-Oct-02 10:25". YAM somehow strips
> out the seconds and I dunno why this was done. If I now going to change
> this to plainly use the Locale defined date string this would probably
> look strange for many ppl. For example, I liste the difference:
Um, the seconds aren't stripped here (least not in the read window)

> 13-Oct-02 10:25      - actual YAM display
> 13-Oct-02 10:25:30   - _real_ AmigaDOS display (without striping the secs)
> 13.10.2002 10:25:30  - Germany locale preference for displaying the date
> 10/13/2002 10:25 pm  - US local perference display.
> So, as you can imagine this could look "ugly" for some people who are
> living in countries with "weird" locale perference and perhaps some ppl
> are already used to the actual AmigaDOS format.
Doesn't look ugly to me, and if people are used to the AmigaDOS format, then
have it optional.

> Even if I know that introducing optionality could be bad, I am actually
> thinking about making the settings of the DateString optional to the user.
> IMHO it would be good to give the user the choice in which format he wants
> to have the date displayed in the listview.
Why would it be bad?

> By default YAM should display the Locale default, but giving the user the
> choice to switch back to the AmigaDOS like display with/without displaying
> the seconds.

> Comments highly welcome. 

> cheers,
> jens

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