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  • Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 10:35:30 +0200

Hello Michael,

On Heute Michael Trebilcock (trebs@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

>> So, if no one in here has a big argument against changing this to
>> FORMAT_DEF, I will commit my changes ASAP.
> Well, i have no idea why anyone would complain about the changes. Make the
> changes, and screw what people say because they're being illogical :)

And well, it`s not _that_ easy. Right now YAM always displays the date with
a "modified" AmigaDOS format "13-Oct-02 10:25". YAM somehow strips out the
seconds and I dunno why this was done. If I now going to change this to
plainly use the Locale defined date string this would probably look strange
for many ppl. For example, I liste the difference:

13-Oct-02 10:25      - actual YAM display
13-Oct-02 10:25:30   - _real_ AmigaDOS display (without striping the secs)
13.10.2002 10:25:30  - Germany locale preference for displaying the date
10/13/2002 10:25 pm  - US local perference display.

So, as you can imagine this could look "ugly" for some people who are living
in countries with "weird" locale perference and perhaps some ppl are already
used to the actual AmigaDOS format.

Even if I know that introducing optionality could be bad, I am actually
thinking about making the settings of the DateString optional to the user.
IMHO it would be good to give the user the choice in which format he wants
to have the date displayed in the listview.

By default YAM should display the Locale default, but giving the user the
choice to switch back to the AmigaDOS like display with/without displaying
the seconds.

Comments highly welcome. 


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