[YAM] Re: where to find ".taglines.hsh"

  • From: Hubert Maier <raziel_nosgoth@xxxxxx>
  • To: yam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 17:46:33 +0100

Hi Doc,

>>> Coming back to my old problem with .taglines:
>>> I checked but found no .taglines.hsh.
>>> Where is that file supposed to reside?
>>> I changed it and I exchanged to another one, but to no avail.

>> It will be created in the same directory as your .taglines file. By
>> default this is the directory where the YAM binary resides, but this
>> can be changed by the MAILDIR tooltype. But as Jens already pointed
>> out, the .taglines.hsh file will be (re)generated automatically as soon
>> as the .taglines file is modified.

> Tooltype is set to Daten:YAM-Data where the .taglines file resides. I also
> have a .taglines file in the PROGDIR: where the binary resides. It is about
> 1.2 Megs long but I tried also a smaller one with the file length of 2578
> Bytes. No .hsh file generated either way.
> Any more suggestions?

You did go to Config/Signature and gave the exact place and name of your
.taglines file in the "Taglines" field in "Taglines file"?

Just checking



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