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  • From: "Andrew Basden" <A.Basden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:32:03 +0100

Is it possible that
the problem lies not in YAM but in MUI?

I often have crash/freeze/guru-problems using YAM,  
it's the only MUI app I use these days.
But I have long suspected that MUI is shaky.


On 15/03/12, you wrote:

| Hi Frank!
| Am 14.03.2012 schrieb Frank Busse:
|> I get very infrequent the same guru with YAM 2.7 while getting mails
|> from the pop3-servers with AmigaOS 3.9. I thought is was gone after
| "infrequent" is the important keyword here. If there was something wrong
| in YAM, then such crashes would be far more frequent or even explicitly
| reproducable. As long as such a crash cannot be reproduced reliably we
| have no point to start a search for a possible bug.
|> Toni has fixed WinUAE and setting ExpungeIndexes to 0. But today
|> evening, after getting mails, forwarding one mail, writing one mail
|> and then again trying to get mails, I got this guru again. With YAM
|> 2.6 I never ever got any guru.
| AmigaOS4 is by far more picky about memory management than AmigaOS3 or
| MorphOS. I just experienced this two days ago while debugging an
| application for someone else. Both AmigaOS3 and MorphOS happily operate on
| memory being just freed (which was, is and always will be absolutely
| illegal!!) for hours before showing any funny behaviour. AmigaOS4 crashes
| instantly with an appropriate error message. If there was anything wrong
| with YAM's memory management then such a bug would pop up its ugly head
| much earlier than on other systems, as YAM is built from one source for
| all systems with only very little system specific stuff. We are using
| system functions and don't do any evil hacking.
| That fact that YAM 2.6(p1) never caused a "memory list corrupt" alert is
| no concrete indication of a bug in YAM 2.7. It merely shows that YAM 2.7
| is using memory a bit more excessively and might stumble over trashed
| memory caused by other applications more early. And I can only repeat
| myself. YAM is available for 6 different platforms, each with its own
| system memory management. If there was something wrong in YAM then this
| would surely become visible on more than just 2 machines.
| You told me yourself already about absolutely unpredictable and
| unreproducable Enforcer hits pointing to anything but YAM. *This* is a
| concrete indication that there is something wrong in your system, which
| affects YAM earlier than other applications due to its more intensive
| memory usage. And you have seen for yourself that YAM will work
| incorrectly if it has to work on garbage data. But this is also true for
| any other application: garbage in causes garbage out.
| WinUAE/AmigaOS3 itself cannot be blamed alone. In fact, most of YAM's
| threading code was initially implemented on exactly this combination,
| simply because cross compiling on Linux and trying on WinUAE is lots
| faster than native development. If there was something basically wrong
| with YAM runinng on WinUAE/AmigaOS3 then this should have been spotted
| much earlier already.
| The only advice I can give is to remove as many patch programs as possible
| (if not all) from your WinUAE installation and try to run YAM on a plain
| system. Most of those patches cause more harm than good because they are
| trying to implement stuff that AmigaOS3 simply isn't really suitable for.
| They seem to be working perfectly on the first sight, some even on the
| second sight. But many patches will cause trouble sooner or later, because
| of bad programming due to lack of knowledge of the developer.
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