[YAM] Re: Find Messages

  • From: Warren Katchmar <WKatchmar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 13:23:24 -0700

On 06/20/2004, Mike Leavitt wrote:

> Hello Warren

> On 06/20/04, you wrote:

>> In the left top window of find there is a box with a list of the of
>> the folders call "Find in". That would be right above the everywhere
>> button. If I right click on one folder and hold down the shift key
>> it becomes highlighted and then right click on a second folder while
>> holding down the shift key, it become highlighted as well. I then
>> have two folders highlighted and I can sreach in them. But I have
>> not find a way to save this type of setting.

> I had to play with it to get it to work, I had already tried that, but
> without the right mouse click.  It should work with just the shift
> key and a left click like everything else.

You are correct, I mistakenly said right mouse button.  Wrong.  I am using
a left mouse click with the shift key held down.  Sorry to confuse you.


Warren Katchmar

<tsb>i was up above it. Now I'm down in it

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