Re: Using NB to Convert (was Re: XP & malware, then: Attachments and HTML )

  • From: Carl Distefano <cld@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 12:15:44 -0400

Reply to note from Fred Weiner <fw1948@xxxxxxxxx> Sat, 23 Jun 2012
20:04:10 -0700


I added a couple of bells & whistles to frame LISTCM, yesterday's
routine that lists all embedded commands in a file.

1) Each command is now listed opposite its numerical character
position (CharPos) in the source file. You can locate any command in
the source file in point-and-shoot fashion -- by putting the cursor
on the CharPos number and hitting <Helpkey>. This executes a CMline
macro (using frame XMACRO a/k/a XM) that switches to the source file
and locates the desired command.

2) If desired, you can filter the listing by adding an argument to
LISTCM consisting of the initial character(s) of the desired
command. Search wildcards, including the Boolean OR operater are
accepted. For example:

-List Save Style commands:
LISTCM SS<Helpkey>

-List Save Style and Use Style:
LISTCM SS[wO]US<Helpkey>
 (where "[wO]" is the Boolean OR wildcard)

As before, LISTCM<Helpkey> (no argument) lists all embedded commands
in the source file.

It should be emphasized that your source file is never modified.

Here's the revised frame:

b-gin [UNTITLED]
{{;5listcm}} List embedded commands in current file [CLD rev.
6/24/12][cr|lf]{002}[BX_]es 1[Q2_]{<}IF{<}VA|50{>}<1{>}{<}SV5
1{>}+{<}IS50{>}{>}{<}EI{>};*;[cr|lf][XP_][TF_][BX_]ch  [w<] [
{062}}[BX_]ch  [w>] [w>][Q2_][BX_]wt[Q2_]{<}IF{<}VA$WC{>}=={<}PV0
1{>}{>}{<}SX01,{<}VA$WA{>}{>}{<}IF{<}PV01{>}>0{>}[BX_]func #{
X_]se  [w<]{<}PV50{>}[Q2_]{<}IF@not({<}ER{>}){>}[JM_]2.dd/nv[
Q2_]{<}SX01,{<}VA$DS{>}{>}[AS_]{<}PV01{>}: [CP_][255+048+068]
{>}[AS_][TF_][BC_]xm LBYDDFBX(se/f  :)DF[sv01],YDASBX(jmp [pv
01])[GT_]Embedded commands in {<}GT01{>}[255+048+068]Put curs
or on line with CharPos number and hit <Helpkey> to locate co
mmand in source file[255+048+068]CharPos: Command[255+048+068
];*;[cr|lf]{<}PRSource file is in alternate screen{>}{<}EX{>}
[cr|lf]{<}EI{>}{<}PRNo window{>}{<}EX{>}[cr|lf]{<}EI{>}{<}PRF
ile has unbalanced {<}|{>}{>}{<}EX{>}[cr|lf]{<}EI{>}{<}PRFile
 has no embedded commands{>}{002}[cr|lf][cr|lf]

Carl Distefano

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