Re: Modified CP 1252 character set

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  • Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2016 14:15:54 +0000

Dear Manuel

Thanks. The font I am using in VDosPlus is working well for me at present but if I do need it I will let you know.

What I would like, however, is to discover if this is a simpler way of achieving ansified XY or if I am missing something. You are probably the best person to test this if you ever have a spare moment. It can be done relatively simply. When testing VDosPlus I use the installer to install VDosPlus into its own directory under the C: drive and copy a full XY4 installation into a subdirectory of the new directory. If you give the installer the XY4 directory it will create all the necessary paths for you.

If you do have time to try this, either use consola as your font or I can send you a modified copy of the same font with graphics characters for screen drawing.

I could never get Ansified XY to work for me using the old system so this has been a great help for me.

Best wishes


On 06/11/2016 18:54, Manuel Castelão Mexuto wrote:
I could post the ANSI font I am using, customized for big screens.
Please let me know.

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