Re: Modified CP 1252 character set

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  • Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2016 16:08:06 +0000

Hi Manuel

I remember your fonts but cannot track them down although I can find some of the discussions we had. However I think the position under VDosPlus is different and the earlier method of ansifying XYWrite may be redundant. I do not recall exactly the situation then but I seem to remember that the fonts had to be matched to the screen size. That is no longer necessary, if it was before. The only 'ansifying' I am doing is setting CP 1252 in VDosPlus and using a compatible font, again in VDosPlus. I have done nothing else within XY4 or U2 to make this work.

Best wishes


On 06/11/2016 13:04, Manuel Castelão Mexuto wrote:
Your are speaking about ansified XyWrite I use every day under Win XP.
Unhappily, I haven't had time to test ansified XyWrite under VdosPlus.
Years ago, I posted fonts to use under ansified XyWrite. Search the list
files. They are somewhere there.

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