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  • Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2016 14:50:45 +0000

Dear Wengier

Thanks for the screenshots.  I have found my error now:

Font = Fonts\-Consola
does not work

Font = -Fonts\Consola
does work.

Kari is right that this does not work well for languages other than French. His solution is work with the ASCII character set and then translate to ANSII.

I prefer to work with XY4 in VDosPlus using CP 1252 so that there is no need to translate when going to Windows. There is a way to make it work for languages other than French by using a modified consola font with graphics characters reinserted in place of characters that are either unnecessary or extremely rarely used. I have just completed one which places the eight single line graphics characters in place of the characters for Copyright, Logicalnot, Macron, superscripts 1,2 and 3 and 1/4, 1.2, 3/4. These can all be redefined to show the correct graphics character in SETTINGS.DFL under the settings:


If the graphics characters are correctly replaced here, then all the standard boxes that are drawn using single lines appear correctly. (I do not use menus so I am not sure if these also appear correctly.) However no double-line graphics characters are reproduced correctly. There are rare instances of these, for example on the copyright screen that appears if you command HELP return. This, and one of two other instances are defined in the editor.exe file and cannot be changed with out editing that file. (That should be feasible but I have not tried it.) One other niggle I have found. I like to use a line instead of a ruler at the top of the screen below the status line. However this too appears to be hardwired in the editor.exe file and with my font I see a row of Ä characters. I can replace the Ä in the font with a graphics character to correct this but it does lose a valuable character. This too could probably be changed within the editor.

There is more. If additional fonts are defined for bold and italic, then if these are unaltered they should show the correct characters. To make this work it would be necessary to put all non-English text either in italics or bold in XY4 to be able to read correctly. The formatting would need to be removed before trying to open the same file in a windows program such as Word.

Incidentally, it is possible to copy from Window ANSII to XY4 in VDosPlus using CP 1252, and back. I am using the U2 frame ADUAL with the switch /NV and its seems to do the trick.

Best wishes


PS.  Let me know if you would like a copy of the adapted font.

On 08/11/2016 22:20, Wengier W (Redacted sender wengierwu for DMARC) wrote:
Hi Paul,

I have attached two screenshots of the default XyWrite 4 screen running
in vDosPlus. The first one with "FONT=Consola" and "CHCP 1252", and
second one with "FONT=-Consola" (notice the minus sign before "Consola")
and "CHCP 1252". I think there are obvious differences between the two


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