Re: Modified CP 1252 character set

  • From: Kari Eveli <lexitec@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2016 09:56:20 +0200


While this may be a quick fix for ansified French (that is, if you can live without accented capital letters like É), this does not work for languages like German, Swedish or Finnish, which require capital Ä's and Ö's. It looks quite good, although the menus have ÿ and ú characters (that could eventually be eliminated by putting a space glyph in their place).

DOS XyWrite was designed with the ASCII character set in mind. I would rather modify a subset of the ASCII character set beginning with ASCII 224 as in CP 854 (Spanish) to make alternative character sets.

ANSI to ASCII conversions are handled well via the clipboard. Using the ansified option, you cannot use the clipboard for upper ASCII data (ASCII data is pasted into an ANSI file). The ansified option is only suitable for read and write disk operations of ANSI files.

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9.11.2016, 0:20, Wengier W (Redacted sender wengierwu for DMARC) wrote:

Hi Paul,

I have attached two screenshots of the default XyWrite 4 screen running
in vDosPlus. The first one with "FONT=Consola" and "CHCP 1252", and
second one with "FONT=-Consola" (notice the minus sign before "Consola")
and "CHCP 1252". I think there are obvious differences between the two


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