Modified CP 1252 character set

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  • Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2016 12:44:44 +0000

I have been using a customised setup for XY4 under VDos and its variants whereby I set the VDos... character page to 1252 (which I think is the closest match we have to the Western windows character set). When this is done and a suitable 1252 font is also used, then I appear to get interoperability between Windows and XY4 without any need for conversion. However the way XY4 draws its boxes etc means that the graphics characters that it normally used are now European language characters and so the appearance is rather weird. The line below the status line, for example is a row of ÂÂÂÂ's (or similar).

To get around this Kari modified the font for me, replacing around 12 characters that are used by XY4 for box drawing with suitable graphics characters. This works well for me. If I need to preserve formatting then I can open the files directly in NB9 or NB10 under windows without the need to carry out any conversion. If there is no formatting, the files can be opened directly in Word too. Alternatively there is a good routine in NB9 and later that will convert to RTF which can then be read by Word. Cutting and pasting can be carried out directly, too, without translation. However my usage is limited to French and English so I have no need of the characters that have been canibalised.

I am wondering if there is any way of making this this more universal. To do this would, I think, require two things. The first would be to choose ten or twelve characters from the CP 1252 character set that are the least likely to be used and making those the graphics characters. (some exiting CP 1252 characters could probably be drafted in for graphics use, reducing the number that need to be adapted.) The second would be to find out where all the graphics characters are defined. Many, but it seems not all, can be found in SETTINGS.DFL under:


The first thing to do, therefore, is to find out where the others are defined. Does anybody here have any idea?

(I did wonder it would be possible to define a font specifically for the graphics characters but on reflection I don't think that is feasible as the program uses the standard font for this.)


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