[xcio] Follow Up to Invitation

  • From: "Polley A. McClure" <polley.mcclure@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "xcio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xcio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:59:55 -0500

Thanks to all of you who responded to our invitation to join the XCIO group 
email list.  We have received several suggestions of others who could be 
invited.  One thing I should share is Greg's and my initial decision that we 
would not invite people who were earlier a higher ed CIO but had moved on to 
other administrative posts within higher education institutions, for example, 
as CFO or Provost or President.  We decided this because we thought those other 
roles might inhibit free discussion by members of the group, but all decisions 
are open to revision!  If you want this one changed, let us know.  And if there 
are other membership criteria you'd like to add, let us hear those too.

To repeat from the last email, here are those already on this list:

Polley McClure
Greg Jackson
Jerry Grochow
Ron Bleed
Doug Van Houweling
Mark Luker
Jim Bruce
Brian Roberts
Mort Rahimi
Dennis Maloney
Ken King
Dan Updegrove
Ira Fuchs
Jack McCredie
Stuart Lynn
Annie Stunden
Gary Augustson
Dan Moriarty

And here are those additional members you suggested:

Doug Gale  dgale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:dgale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Mely Tynan
Bob Gillespie  (bobg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:bobg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
Dennis M Maloney Dennis.Maloney@xxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:Dennis.Maloney@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Glenn Ricart
Steve Hall-Harvard
Jerry Campbell-USC
George Strawn-Iowa State
Tom West
Ray Neff
Richard Mandelbaum
Jim Johnson
Bill Arms  wya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:wya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

As you can see, we do not have email addresses for some of these people and the 
addresses for others may have expired.  If you have current contact information 
for any of these, please send them to me so we can include them.  And, please, 
if you want to argue against adding any of these, or if you have other 
nominees, please let me hear from you.  I will try to add the new members for 
whom I have email addresses and not heard objections by sometime next week.  
I'll notify the list when I do so.

The list is active for the original members, so "have at it"!


Polley Ann McClure
Vice President, Emeritus
Cornell University
Day Hall 314
Ithaca, NY 14850

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