[x500standard] SV: [T17Q10] LDAP is part of new IETF cloud identity charter

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Hi Tony,


Thanks a lot for the information. As you know, LDAP is a dear child of X.500
and with the seventh edition, we have interworking with LDAP. X.500 vendors
market their products as IdM system. I once went through a large number of
IdM implementations and they all used directory, mostly LDAP and in
particular Microsoft's Active Directory.


I have always tried to tell people that directory, including X.509, is IdM.
People do not listen, so I have given up and concentrate on my question,
where we have our plate full, anyway.


I will have to get on the SCIM list.




Fra: Tony Rutkowski [mailto:tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sendt: 22. marts 2012 12:25
Til: era@xxxxxxx; t09sg17q11@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; t09sg17q10@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Emne: [T17Q10] LDAP is part of new IETF cloud identity charter


Hi Erik,

Don't know if you're on the IETF SCIM list.  It's
very active and they are ramping up their cloud
IdM work for the meeting next week in Paris.  
It's worth noting that they are proposing
a LDAP binding.  Lots of new cloud security
and IdM work.  SG13 will have its hands
full in collaborating.


--- 47,55 ----

  identities as part of the work adopted by the working group.  The group

  will use, as starting points, the following drafts in the following ways:


!      draft-scim-use-cases-00 as the initial use cases for SCIM,

!      draft-scim-core-schema-00 as the schema specification,

!      draft-scim-api-00 as the protocol specification,

       draft-XXX-scim-saml-binding-00 for binding the SCIM schema to SAML,

       draft-XXX-scim-ldap-binding-00 for binding the SCIM schema to LDAP.


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