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Great stuff Ben

At the moment I might be booked 31st 2-4pm as there's a studio session but
don't change the date on my account as I may be able to farm that off on
someone else and also in the new set-up I don't intend to make every
rehearsal and can let you guys get on with it (thanks).


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Hello everyone

As I'm sure all of you are keen to get together and have a practice I  
think we should put a date in our diaries. I was thinking the last  
Sunday of this month which is the 31st January, 3 Sunday's from now.

I would imagine the time would be spent having some time to worship  
together and go over a few of the new songs and maybe a couple more.  
Any ideas or thoughts let us know!

If this date is too difficult for too many then please let me know so  
I can propose a new date. We will most likely start from 1:30. I will  
let you know of a location soon

Thanks and God bless you all


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