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I've messaged ben via text as a temp solution and will do in future until his added.

Kind Regards

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On 4 Nov 2009, at 18:41, "simonlj@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <simonlj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Need to add Ben to the actual list.
Cool deal.
Bless you all.
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Subject: [x1worship] This Sunday

Hi All,

This week can we have Jerry on bass, Andy on drums, Ben on lead, with Rachel and Sue D singing. Anyone who is unable to play/sing please let me know.

We’ll be going from these to start:

From the highest of heights (Indescribable)

The God of time and eternity

There’s a pageant of triumph

Once I was dead to you (Promised land)

Blessed be Your name

Welcomed in to courts of the King (Facedown)

Father of creation (Let your glory fall in this room)

We bow down

Plus a possible one of these two new ones form Newday, more likely the second one:

My soul is well

You arose

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