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That's fine Sue, you can be excused!

On 14 Nov 2009, at 17:04, SUE DUBE wrote:

Hey Ben,

I am sorry for notgetting back to you sooner, I would love to sing 2moro. But l have some friends staying over at mine 2nite and not sure if l can be in church in time for pratice. If it ok can l be excused this sunday? if it's a problem l will be there!
Sorry for late notices
God bless
Sue D.

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Subject: [x1worship] Sunday 15 November

Hello everyone

Ben here. First week leading you guys this Sunday and really looking forward to it and serving X1.

Aaron has told me he might be able to play, so we may have him in the team. Andy has told me already he is available to play so we have a drummer! So could Tony, if you're around, play bass and Sue Dube and Anne please sing for us!

Songs are:

Praise Awaits You
We Stand and Lift up our hands
Let the rain come (We are thirsty for You)
Strength will rise
Light of the world (Here I am to worship)
Jesus Christ (once again)
Wonderful so Wonderful (Beautiful One

Cheers guys, if you can't make then let me know please

God Bless


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