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Could you also let us know what you would like us to do with table 
13...unintended outcomes after your summit on Sep 10th?  We emailed LACES and 
asked about this and they said each state needs to decide what they want in 
this table.
Lana Hillstead
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Hi, Kathy,

I am attending the LACES Summit in Boulder on September 10.  I will visit with 
David regarding the drop down list of goals in LACES and the Family Income 
Range.  I just sent out Larry Condelli's answer to the question regarding the 
student who sets the goal of postsecondary education in PY 06-07 and starts 
college in the fall.  Per Larry, as long as he starts college before 12/31/07 
you can count him on table 5 for PY 06-07.  After 12/31/07, he would be on 
table 13.



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Hi Margaret,


Since Sept. 30th is looming in the very near future, Jeanie and I have been 
discussing LACES, the Federal Tables and students that attended our program in 
2006-07 and had "placement in post secondary educ or training" as a goal.  Our 
discussion brought to mind the last training for LACES in Casper in June when 
Shannon Stangis from LACES told us we could not count enrollment in college 
classes this fall as completion of the goal of "placement in post secondary 
educ or training" because the student would be completing a goal after the PY 
year they were enrolled in our program.  In other words, they were students in 
PY 06-07 but completed their goal in PY 07-08.  Shannon said that for these 
students we instead had to mark the goal as "achieved."  This would then 
convert the goal to an "unintended outcome" which is tracked on Federal Table 
13.  We didn't think this was acceptable since we've been counting it as a goal 
completion for many previous years and we believe you said you would check with 
NRS/Larry Condelli to see if it was acceptable under NRS regulations for us 
count this goal as a completion for PY 06-07.  It would seem more logical to 
have it show as a goal completion in the same program year rather than to have 
students in one program year and their goal completion in another year.  It's 
always been my understanding that we want to stay away from "unintended 
outcomes."   It doesn't look good.  It's unintended and your data is split 
between two program years.   Have you been able to contact Mr. Condelli in 
regard to this? 


Also, at the training it was noted there are a multitude of goals on the 
drop-down list of goals in LACES.  Too many to be exact.  It was noted that 
during the migration there was confusion and LACES migrated not only goals but 
also the AEM "reasons for enrolling" giving us a very long list of goals.  Have 
you had a chance to discuss this with David Miller and have you decided which 
goals we as a state want to keep on LACES?


Also, there's the problem of the Family Income Range on LACES.  We have always 
placed students in an income range based on the Federal Poverty Tables which 
are updated each year in February.  The Family Income range numbers on LACES 
are different than the numbers on the Federal Poverty Tables.  Have you had a 
chance to discuss this with David Miller and would LACES be willing to put in 
the Federal Poverty Table income levels?  And would they be willing to update 
and/or possibly change the table each February?  The number of low income 
students is reported on Federal Table 6.


OK, I think that's it.  Thanks for your help in these matters, Margaret.







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