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Thank you, Lisa for providing us with a definition--I appreciate your

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I even have a hard time getting someone from the school district to
fully understand the BOE enough to explain the concept. It has to do
with the state's effort to comply with No Child Left Behind and the 3
tiered diploma that was just instituted statewide. There is a 4 year
buildup for the students in high school right now, the seniors all the
way down to the 9th graders. By the time the 9th graders get to 12th
(and all graduates from then on), they will be expected to comply with
all the new rules for graduation. The seniors today only have a portion
to comply with. A student can no longer just get their high school
credits to graduate. They must also prove they have some level of
understanding of the content taught in each class. That content is the
"BOE". The student must prove they have mastered the BOE by: test
results, portfolios, etc. This kid in question had all his credits to
graduate, but (we did not ask him) he must have had a D or two. That
grade must not have satisfied the district's standard for having learned
the BOE. The district has been anticipating that many, many kids,
especially special ed. kids to drop out in great numbers. Apparently,
special ed. kids were not compensated for their disability when rated on
acquisition of the BOE. Anyway, I am certainly not the expert and it
would be great if at a conference/in- service we could have the DOE
speak to this so we all have a better understanding of it.
By the way, Robin, I sure appreciate your responses to my emails. 

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