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Good observation..could we argue that anyone who receives the GED in the 
program year (July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006) should be eligible for this years 
Hathaway...or is that end date June 30, cutting the determination timeline to 
close to starting college? 

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Hi Everyone,
We just heard through the grapevine that the state is accepting
comments on the Hathaway Scholarship for 120 days after the bill passed.
We wanted to pass that information along just in case you did not know
that and had something to say! One of our comments that we would like
feedback from and then to find out who might be responding for the field
on the bill is the April 1, 2006 date that is mentioned. It says that
one can become eligible for the scholarship if they graduate after April
1, 2006. This date works for this year's high school grads but not for
our GED grads. This date will eliminate most grads for this 2005-06
program year. That date allows just the April and ½ of May grads. Is
this everyone's understanding of the scholarship criteria as it stands?
If so, and the field would like the state to comment on this as a
proposed change for this year (if that was the intent of the comment
period), then Margaret, would that be you or the commission? Please
comment, everyone!


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