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Dear Bruce ,Maria and all, I think that the Cybercrime has risen to the rank of
terrorism as a threat to First World society, WWPO, welcoming the establishment
of a global platform against the terrorosme committed through the internet.
The online threat is huge, it is currently the biggest concern for security,
with terrorism has become a global problem and we urgently need global
instruments to deal with it, taking as an example the recruitment by ISIS,
Propaganda terrorsite this organization.
For this reason ,I think that, the peacemaker has a preventive role for peace
and fight against the sources of violence and terrorism.
With love and peace.

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From: Bruce Cook <cookcomm@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [wwpoenglish] Your friend has shared a CBSNews link with you
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:51 -0500

U.S., U.A.E. launch anti-ISIS messaging center in

So glad to see that our ideas on social media are being paralleled by
media experts in their annual conference on social media in Dubai. This
reinforces my own "crazy" contention that social media, when used well, may
more influence in behalf of peace than a giant bomb. I'm happy to see this
possibility entering the public arena. Let's keep this idea in mind as we
discuss strategies for peace.



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