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Dear Bruce,

Yes, please do. Thanks very much,


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I commend you for this message. (Maria has also provided a very useful message
in today's newsletter. Can we publish your article on our wwpo.org website and

It is refreshing to begin to understand the importance and vital role of
economics in creation of a peaceful future.



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Great article
María Cristina Azcona


WWPO President founder

IFLAC Director in Central &South america

El jun 17, 2015 12:57 PM, "Martin, Glen" <gmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

Dear friends and colleagues, I apologize for the second posting so
quick upon the first, but here in Togo I have had some time on my hands
that I do not usually have. In peace, Glen Martin, President, WCPA

Economics and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth

Glen T. Martin

I want to attempt here something that is often perceived as difficult—to
write a brief essay that gets to the heart of the economic problem of the
world’s dominant economic system and shows the way to an economics of human
liberation and sustainability.

I have written about this problem at some length in my books over the past
10 years. By going deeply into the economic problem in relation to the
project of world system transformation and human spiritual transformation,
I believe the roots, the essence of the problem, have become progressively
clearer. Yet the basic dynamics of system and spiritual transformation
remain basically the same.

Many of the modern economists that I have read in this respect, despite
important insights into specific economic mechanisms and principles, remain
limited in their ability to articulate fully the transformation that needs
to occur because they are limited by their professional specialization.
They have been trained to look at economics apart from the larger context
of world systems, human values, the development of human spiritual and
ethical maturity, planetary ecology, and the progress of human civilization
as a whole.

Some of the most illuminating books on economics have come from those
authors willing to include economics into the need for a larger
paradigm-shift, for example, John B. Cobb, Jr’s *Sustainability:
Economics, Ecology & Justice *or Herman E. Daly and Kenneth Townsend’s
the Earth: Economics, Ecology, Ethics *or Dada Maheshvarananda’s * After
Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World.*

My 2005 book *Millennium Dawn* also addressed the question of human
liberation holistically, examining the multiple aspects of human life (all
integrated with economics) that must change if we are to move to a world
premised on human dignity and liberation, free and ecologically
sustainable. Chapters 7, 8, and 9 specifically show how the economics of
an ethically and spiritually grounded socialism become fundamental to the
necessary planetary paradigm-shift.

My book of that same year, *World Revolution through World Law, *included
the “Manifesto of the Earth Federation.” This manifesto again shows in what
way economics is only a component, indeed fundamental, of the
paradigm-shift that is integral to people moving to the planetary level in
their thinking and acting.

My 2008 book *Ascent to Freedom *begins (in its first three chapters) by
bringing together many statements on the new holism discovered by
scientists during the 20th century. The book goes on to apply this holism
to the historical development of the concepts of world law and one world
civilization. It shows, in the final chapters, in what ways the
paradigm-shift necessarily includes economics but also transcends economics
within the more inclusive framework of what needs to happen if we are to
create a decent future for the Earth and its living creatures.

In *Triumph of Civilization* (2010), I consider economics within the
context of the violence of the world system paradigm that includes both
sovereign nation-states and globalized capitalism. Chapter 6 is about the
“Violent Economics” of the current world system and Chapter 7 about the
ways in which a non-violent economics would integrate into a non-violent
planetary civilization. The concluding chapters present a number of very
specific economic policies and principles necessary to a decent world
within the concept of the larger planetary paradigm-shift that is necessary.

In *The Anatomy of a Sustainable World *(2013), I focus on sustainable
economics, as articulated, for example, in Herman E. Daly’s *Beyond
Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development. The Anatomy* *of a
Sustainable World* draws on the fundamental economic insights that are
integral to all the above named books and basic to a critically informed
set of economic principles: *first,* production must be for use-values
and not for the extraction of surplus value, *second,* costs must be
calculated holistically in terms of our relationship to the environment,
society, and future generations. This means that externalities can no
longer be ignored in the economic calculations of production. The
capitalist system to date has maximized private profit by externalizing the
true costs of production onto society, the environment, and future

*Third,* the ideology of perpetual growth is in contradiction with living
on a finite planet with delicately interwoven ecological systems and
limited natural resources. Economic development must become *qualitative,*
rather than quantitative. *Fourth*, the perpetual framework of money
scarcity and debt financing, enforced by the global privatized banking
system, needs to be transformed into a public, debt-free system focused on
empowering creativity and sustainable productivity while engendering
reasonable economic equality.

None of these needed changes to the system can happen apart from the
larger paradigm-shift from the early-modern paradigm of fragmentation to
the newly understood holistic planetary paradigm. The world-system is an
integral product of the early-modern paradigm and there can be no economic
liberation outside the context of fundamental paradigm-shift to holism:
cultural, political, economic, and civilizational.

As social scientists Boswell and Chase-Dunn affirm: “A system of sovereign
states (i.e. with an overarching definition of sovereignty) is fundamental
to the origins and reproduction of the capitalist world economy” (2000:
23). Social scientist Thomas R. Shannon concludes: “The political power
of the capitalist class reinforces the tendency for the state to support
the national capitalist class. As a consequence of this interstate
competition, the world system has been characterized by repeated wars and
shifting military alliances” (1989: 35).

It avails little to talk about what might be the best economic system
without recognizing that the liberation cannot happen without
transformation of the entire world system from fragmentation to holism.
This holistic transformation is concentrated and articulated in the
for the Federation of Earth. The Anatomy of a Sustainable World * goes
into the economic arrangements provided by the *Earth Constitution* in
some detail. But the more fundamental point should not be missed: it is
the transformation itself, the uniting of the world under the holistic
framework of the *Earth Constitution* that will be the key to an
economics of universal prosperity and sustainability.

From this transformed paradigm everything else follows, including a
transformed economics. Here is a list of some of the specific economic
consequences that follow from ratification of the *Earth Constitution:*

· Global public, debt-free banking directed toward sustainable
productivity of use-values for all people on Earth. This means that money
is created by the Earth Federation and lent at low interest or interest
free to any and all who have a sustainable productive project that can
protect the environment, produce use-values, or engender new techniques or
discoveries. Universal credit from debt-free public money is a public
utility, a right of everyone on the Earth.

· One universal currency valued the same everywhere and one
universal set of wage standards and corresponding limits on private profit
legislated by law for the empowerment of global ecological and productive
health and the common good of the Earth.

· All non-productive extractive activities (such as rent and
interest) abolished or minimized along with all non-productive financial
speculation. (In a recent interview posted at Information Clearinghouse,
economist Michael Hudson points out that Marx and the classical economists
were all in agreement that these non-productive activities served as a drag
on both production and universal economic prosperity.)

· Income security for everyone, including quality health-care,
education, accident insurance, food, housing, clean water and sanitation.
(It has been repeatedly shown that these are relatively inexpensive and
easily provided merely by converting the trillions of dollars now spent on
militarism worldwide to these necessities of life.)

· Carefully monitoring of all the Earth’s ecosystems, productive
activities, and technologies by agencies of the Integrative Complex to
ensure integration of human activities with the ecological balances of our
planet. (Just as there is no political freedom without the regulation of
democratic laws, so there is no economic freedom without economic
regulation in the service of the common welfare.)

· Cooperative and local enterprises legally empowered and promoted
everywhere on Earth. The Provisional World Parliament has already taken
steps in this direction with World Legislative Act 63: the Cooperative
Communities Empowerment Act. (With their externalization of costs now
forbidden by law, giant multinational corporations will not be able to
complete with locally grown food and local cooperative production and will
soon begin breaking up and divesting into ecologically sustainable, more
cooperative enterprises.)

· Massive public works projects employing former military personnel
and underemployed people worldwide in restoring the environment, planting
trees, cleaning up pollution, and converting to solar and clean forms of
energy. (The people of Earth want and need to be put to work, and there is
plenty of valuable work that needs to be done. The absurdity of the present
system is that it puts people out of work.)

It should be clear that none of these essential features of a liberated
world economy is possible without the paradigm-shift to the unity in
diversity of the *Earth Constitution. *On the other hand, all of these
transformative innovations not only go together but would be relatively
easy to implement by the World Parliament under the authority given to it
by the *Earth Constitution. *Economics follows from this holistic

Economic speculation apart from the holistic transformation effected by
the *Earth Constitution* is relatively futile because it puts the cart
before the horse. Global capitalism and the system of sovereign
nation-states form one integral world-system premised on false,
early-modern paradigm assumptions. The *Constitution *transforms the
whole world system to the holism of unity in diversity. And from this
paradigm-shift, and from this alone, follows economic liberation.


Boswell and Chase-Dunn (2000). * The Spiral of Capitalism and Socialism:
Toward Global Democracy. *Lynne Reinner Publisher.

Shannon, Thomas R. (1989). *An Introduction to World-System Perspective.


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María Cristina Azcona

WWPO President founder

IFLAC Director in Central &South america

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María Cristina Azcona
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6 – Mark the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima with
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near the National Labs.
Aug 9 – Mark the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki
with the annual sackcloth and ashes peace vigil and call for nuclear
disarmament near the National Labs.)

August 6 in Hiroshima, Japan: “August 6, 2015 will be the 70th anniversary
of the bombing [of Hiroshima]. Annually, there are events such as the
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, with guest speakers, and the Lantern
Floating Ceremony, in which lanterns float on the river as petitions for
peace. Additional special events for the 70th anniversary are to be

August 9 in Nagasaki, Japan: [August 9, 2015 will be the 70th anniversary
of the bombing of Nagasaki. Commemoration events are held annually and, as
with Hiroshima, it is expected that additional special events for the 70th
anniversary are to be announced.]

August 27 Chicago

– David Swanson speaking

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María Cristina Azcona

WWPO President founder

IFLAC Director in Central &South america

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*De :* Guy Crequie [mailto:guy.crequie@xxxxxxxxxx]
*Envoyé :* mercredi 17 juin 2015 21:57
*Objet :* Habemus viridem papam ?

*Texte publié sur internet par le Nouvel Observateur hebdomadaire français
ce jour : Article de Renaud FEVRIER *

*Habemus viridem papam** ? Avons-nous un pape vert ? Le souverain pontife
s'apprête à publier jeudi une encyclique (une "lettre" qui s'adresse aux
1,2 milliards de fidèles et au-delà, à "tous les hommes de bonnes volonté")
exposant ses positions sur l'écologie et le réchauffement climatique. Très
attendu à quelques mois de la Conférence de Paris, le contenu de cette
encyclique a fuité dans la presse italienne, irritant le Vatican, qui, en
réponse, a décidé d'exclure le journaliste de "L'Espresso", Sandro
Magister, responsable de la diffusion de l'intégralité du texte, long de
191 pages.*

*"Tu ne pollueras point." Pour "Libération", qui relaye le contenu du
document en Une, cette encyclique, la première consacrée à l'écologie, est
un "coup de pied dans la fourmilière". "Cette encyclique aura un impact
majeur : François est directement impliqué comme aucun pape avant lui. Il
est animé d'une profonde passion, que cette encyclique communiquera",
assure également Christiana Figueres, présidente de la convention cadre de
l'ONU sur le changement climatique (UNFCCC), lors d'une réunion récente à
Bonn, en Allemagne.*

*S'il s'est personnellement impliqué, consultant de nombreux experts, dont
des prêtres travaillant en Amazonie, c'est parce que l'écologie a toujours
été un thème très cher à François. N'a-t-il pas, d'ailleurs, choisi son nom
de pape en référence à saint François d'Assise, prophète du dépouillement
de l'Eglise, mais également amoureux de la nature ? Archevêque de Buenos
Aires, il avait même, rappelle "Le Figaro", déposé un recours devant la
Cour suprême d'Argentine pour arrêter un programme de déforestation
concernant le nord du pays.*

*Tu reconnaîtras ta responsabilité*

*Dans son encyclique, le pape affirme clairement que l'homme est le
principal responsable du changement climatique, assure "Libération". En
raison notamment de l'activité humaine et de la combustion des énergies

*"Il y a de fortes preuves scientifiques que les facteurs humains causent
de grands dommages pas seulement à la nature elle-même, mais aussi aux
vies, particulièrement des plus pauvres."*

*Selon la mouture provisoire non officielle diffusée par l'hebdomadaire
italien "L'Espresso", le pape affirme également que les causes, étant
d'abord humaines, doivent être maîtrisées. Il juge donc indispensable de
réduire drastiquement les émissions de dioxyde de carbone et d'autres gaz
hautement polluants.*

*Des affirmations hérisseront certains conservateurs "climato-sceptiques"
qui assurent que le réchauffement n'a que des causes naturelles…*

*Pire, pour certains, le Souverain pontife pointe du doigt la dette
climatique des pays du Nord au pays du Sud. Pour lui, certains Etats
devraient supporter un coût plus élevé de la transition énergétique.*

*Et de s'en prendre aux pays qui pourraient faire échouer les négociations
internationales : *

*Les négociations internationales ne peuvent pas progresser de manière
significative à cause de la position de pays qui privilégient leurs
intérêts nationaux plutôt que le bien commun."*

*Tu changeras de paradigme*

*"La terre, notre maison semble se transformer de plus en plus en un
immense dépôt d’immondices." Le plaidoyer de François pour l'écologie est
intimement lié à sa vision de l'égalité et de la solidarité. Il plaide donc
pour un changement radical des mentalités et du capitalisme et pour, selon
le terme choisi par "Libération", une forme d'écojustice.*

*"L'économie actuelle et la technologie" ne résoudront pas "tous les
problèmes environnementaux", assure le Souverain pontife. C'est une idée
trompeuse, selon lui, comme celle qui voudrait que "les problèmes de la
faim et de la misère dans le monde se résolvent simplement par la
croissance du marché".*

*"Cela requiert de nouveaux modes de production, de distribution et de
consommation", souligne l'encyclique. Soit un changement complet de

*Pour Dominique Plihon d'Attac, cité par "Libération", "cette encyclique
tombe à point nommé. Elle servira de caisse de résonnance pour dire
l'urgence de changer le système. Il faut du courage pour oser aller autant
à contre-courant de la doxa libérale et conservatrice qui mène le monde."*

*Tu feras de l'accès à l'eau un "droit humain fondamental"*

*Et le pape, qui dénonce le "pillage" des ressources naturelles, de
réclamer que l'accès à l'eau soit reconnu comme un "droit humain
fondamental et universel", alors qu'actuellement "la tendance est de
privatiser cette ressource et de la soumettre à la loi du marché".*

*Cela explique, selon François, l'afflux grandissant de réfugiés
climatiques : "Les peuples en voie de développement, où se trouvent les
réserves les plus importantes de la biosphère, continuent d’alimenter le
développement des pays les plus riches au prix de leur présent et de leur
futur. [...] Ils fuient une misère aggravée par la dégradation de
l'environnement, sans être reconnus comme des réfugiées par les conventions

*> Bonus : l'association écologiste brésilienne "Observatorio do Clima" a
réalisé une vidéo étonnante du combat du pape François pour le climat. *

*Ajout de Guy CREQUIE :*

*Ce Pape qui n’oublie pas son vécu en Amérique du sud = se veut proche des
peuples dont il partage les aspirations et les craintes dans ce monde
dominé par l’avidité . l’Eglise catholique était plutôt en retrait sur les
questions environnementales pour ce seul fait que c’est l’humain et son
devenir sa préoccupation . D’ailleurs la genèse de l’Ancien testament
appelle l’homme à dominer la nature, il est au-dessus*

*Dans le récit de la Genèse de la présence de création, l'homme dans le
monde sont attribués directement à Dieu. Par cet acte seul, comme le Dieu
d'amour et de puissance, l'homme a été «créé» (bara ', 1:27; 05:01; 06:07)
et «formé» (Yasar, 02:07 - 8). Par cet homme acte créatif a été amené à
l'existence d'une dualité de relations, à la fois à la nature et de Dieu
lui-même. Il a été formé de la poussière de la terre et a été dotée de vie
de l'âme par le souffle de Dieu. Dieu est la source de sa vie, et la
poussière le matériau de son être. *

*L'homme, alors : Il est le résultat de l'action immédiate de Dieu, qui a
utilisé du matériel déjà existant créé pour la formation de la partie
terrestre de son être. L'homme a donc des similarités physiologiques avec
le reste de l'ordre créé (Gen. 18:27; Job 10:08 - 9;. Ps 103:14, etc) et
par conséquent partage avec le monde animal dans la dépendance de la bonté
de Dieu pour son maintien (Ésaïe 40:6 - 7;. Pss 103:15, 104, etc.) *

*Tout au long de l'OT de la relation de l'homme à la nature est partout
souligné. Comme l'homme partage avec la nature avec l'homme part dans les
réalités de sa vie. Ainsi, alors que la nature a été faite pour servir
l'homme, ainsi l'homme de sa part est nécessaire pour la nature ont
tendance (Genèse 2:15). Nature n'est donc pas une sorte d'entité neutre par
rapport à la vie de l'homme. Pour les deux, la nature et l'homme, il existe
un lien mystérieux de sorte que lorsque l'homme a péché dans l'ordre
naturel était lui-même profondément affligé (Genèse 3:17 - 18;.. Cf Rm 8:19
- 23). Depuis, cependant, la nature a souffert en raison du péché de
l'homme, de sorte qu'il ne se réjouissent avec lui dans sa rédemption (Ps.
96:10 - 13;. Isa 35, etc), pour la rédemption de l'homme elle sera elle
aussi part (Ésaïe 11h06 - 9). *

*Mais si profondément liés l'homme est à l'ordre naturel, il est présenté
comme quelque chose de différent tout de même et distinctif. Ayant d'abord
appelé la terre dans l'existence avec ses diverses conditions requises pour
la vie humaine, Dieu a alors déclaré à la fabrication de l'homme.
L'impression que le récit de la Genèse donne est que l'homme a fait l'objet
spécial de dessein créateur de Dieu. Il n'est pas tant que l'homme était la
couronne des actes créatrice de Dieu, ou le point culminant de ce
processus, car bien que dernier dans l'échelle ascendante, il est le
premier dans l'intention divine. Tous les actes antérieurs de Dieu sont
présentées plus dans la nature d'une série continue par l'utilisation
récurrente de la conjonction «et» (Genèse 1:3, 6, 9, 14, 20, 24). "Puis
Dieu dit: Faisons l'homme." "Then", quand? Lorsque l'ordre cosmique était
fini, quand la terre était prête à soutenir l'homme. Ainsi, tandis que
l'homme se tient devant Dieu dans une relation de dépendance créé, il a
également le statut d'une personnalité unique et spécial par rapport à

*Le Pape François en relation avec son temps et en visionnaire religieux,
pense qu’il ne peut y avoir cette civilisation de l’amour dont parlait PAUL
VI, si après le désastre des guerres et conflits, si à ces drames s’ajoute
celui du drame écologique .Si la déforestation en cours, la montée des
océans, les cyclones, ouragans plus fréquents, les sécheresses, la
pollution dans les grands centres urbains, bref si la vie humaine, animale,
végétale, minérale est affectée par les désastres et désordres écologiques,
ceci conduira à des exodes massifs de population, des tensions entre pays
et ethnies ,bref toutes choses qui commencent à se produire entre les
perturbations climatiques et les guerres notamment en Irak, Soudan , Lybie
en Syrie, etc. et les pays africains qui souffrent des exactions des
mouvances islamiques et des drames climatiques. Afin de perpétuer
l’universalisme de l’amour, les vertus cardinales, la charité, l’image du
Christ auquel on adhère comme exemple de comportement humain et de modèle
de foi, il y faut sur terre une planète sauvegardant les grands équilibres
et permettant l’ordre et l’harmonie.*


*Ecrivain français à finalité philosophique et observateur social français*

*Text published on Internet by Nouvel Observateur French weekly magazine
this day: Article of Renaud FEBRUARY *

*Habemus viridem papam?** Do we Have a green pope? The Supreme Pontiff is
on the point of publishing an encyclical Thursday (a “letter” which is
addressed to the 1.2 billion faithful and beyond, with “all the men of
goodwill”) exposing his positions on ecology and climate warming. Very
waited in a few months of the Conference of Paris, the contents of this
encyclical have escape in the Italian press, irritating the Vatican, which,
in answer, decided to exclude the journalist from “Espresso”, Sandro
Magister, person in charge of the diffusion of the entirety of the text,
length of 191 pages.*

*“You will not pollute.” For “Release”, which relays the contents of the
document in One, this encyclical, the first devoted to ecology, is a “kick
in the anteater”. “This encyclical will have a major impact: François is
directly implied like any pope before him. He is animated of a deep
passion, that this encyclical will communicate”, also ensures Christiana
Figueres, president of convention tallies of UNO on climate change
(UNFCCC), at a recent meeting in Bonn, in Germany.*

*If it were personally implied, consultant of many experts, of which
priests working in Amazonia, it is because ecology was always a very
expensive topic with François. Doesn't it have, moreover, selected its name
of pope in reference to Saint Francis of Assisi, prophet of the examination
of the Church, but also in love with nature? Archbishop of Buenos Aires, it
even had, recalls “Le Figaro”, deposited a recourse before the Supreme
court of Argentina to stop a programme of deforestation concerning the
north of the country.*

*You will recognize your responsibility*

*In his encyclical, the pope affirms clearly that the man is the person in
charge of the climate change, ensures “Release”. Because in particular of
the human activity and combustion of fossil energies.*

*“There is strong scientific evidence that the human factors cause great
damage not only with nature itself, but also with the lives, particularly
of poorest.”*

*According To the nonofficial provisional grinding diffused by the Italian
weekly magazine “Espresso”, the pope also affirms that the causes, being
initially human, must be controlled. He thus judges essential drastiquement
to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other highly polluting gases.*

*Assertions will roughcast certain conservatives “climato-skepticals” who
ensure that the warming has only natural causes…*

*Worse, for some, the Supreme Pontiff points finger the climatic debt of
the countries of North to the country of the South. For him, certain States
should support a higher cost of the energy transition.*

*And to be caught some with the countries which could ruin the
international negotiations: *

*The international negotiations cannot progress significantly because of
the position of countries which privilege their national interests rather
than the community property.”*

*You will change paradigm*

*“The ground, our house seems to be transformed more and more into an
immense deposit of rubbish.” The plea of François for ecology is closely
related to its vision of the equality and solidarity. He thus pleads for a
radical change of mentalities and capitalism and for, according to the term
chosen by “Release”, a form of écojustice.*

*“The current economy and technology” will not solve “all the environmental
problems”, the Supreme Pontiff ensures. It is a misleading idea, according
to him, as that which would like that “the problems of the hunger and
misery in the world are solved simply by the growth of the market”.*

*“That requires new modes of production, of distribution and consumption”,
the encyclical underlines. **That Is To Say a complete change of paradigm.*

*For Dominique Plihon of Attac, quoted by “Release”, “this encyclical fall
at named point. It will be used as resonance chamber to say the urgency to
change the system. One needs courage to dare to go as much to
counter-current of the liberal and preserving doxa which carries out the

*You will make access to water a “human right fundamental”*

*And the pope, who denounces the “plundering” of the natural resources, to
claim that the access to water is recognized like a “fundamental and
universal human right”, whereas currently “the tendency is to privatize
this resource and to subject it to the law of the market”.*

*That explains, according to Francois, the growing surge of climatic
refugees: “The people in the process of development, where the most
important reserves of the biosphere are, continue to feed the development
of the richest countries at the cost of their present and of their future.
[...] They flee a misery worsened by degradation of the environment,
without being recognized like refugees by international conventions.”*

*> No-claims Bonus: association Brazilian ecologist “Observatorio C Clima”
carried out an astonishing video of the combat of the pope François for the
climate. *

*Addition of Guy CREQUIE:*

*This Pope who does not forget its not lived in South America = wants near
to the people of which it shares the aspirations and fears in this world
dominated by greed. the Roman Catholic Church was rather in withdrawal on
the environmental questions for this only fact that it is the human one and
its to become its concern. Moreover the genesis of the Old will invites the
man to dominate nature, it is above*

*In the account of the Genesis of the presence of creation, the man in the
world are allotted directly to God. By this act alone, like God of love and
power, the man “was created” (will bara ', 1:27; 05:01; 06:07) and “formed”
(Yasar, 02:07 - 8). By this man creative act was brought to the existence
of a duality of relations, at the same time with nature and of God himself.
It was formed by the dust of the ground and was equipped with life of the
heart by the breath of God. God is the source of his life, and dust the
material of his being. *

*The man, then: He is the result of the immediate action of God, who used
already existing material created for the formation of the terrestrial part
of his being. The man thus has physiological similarities with the
remainder of the order created (Gen. 18:27; Job 10:08 - 9;. PS 103:14, etc)
and consequently division with the animal world in the dependence of the
kindness of God for his maintenance (Tests 40:6 - 7;. PS 103:15, 104, etc) *

*Throughout the OT of the relation of the man to nature is underlined
everywhere. Like the man divides with nature with the man leaves in
realities its life. Thus, whereas nature was made to serve the man, thus
the man of its share is necessary for nature have tendency (Genesis 2:15).
Nature is thus not a kind of neutral entity compared to the life of the
man. For both, nature and the man, there exists a mysterious bond so that
when the man sinned in the natural order itself was deeply afflicted
(Genesis 3:17 - 18;. Cf Rm 8:19 - 23). Since, however, nature suffered
because of the sin of the man, so that he are not delighted with him in his
redemption (PS. 96:10 - 13;. Isa 35, etc), for the redemption of the man it
will be also share (11:06 Tests - 9). *

*But so deeply dependant the man is with the natural order, it is presented
like something of different all the same and distinctive. Having initially
called the ground in the existence with his various requirements for the
human life, God then declared with the manufacturing of the man. The
impression which the account of the Genesis gives is that the man was the
special object of creative intention of God. It is not as much as the man
was the creative crown of the acts of God, or the summit of this process,
because although the last in the ascending scale, it is the first in the
divine intention. All the former acts of God are presented more in nature
of a continuous series by the recurring use of the conjunction “and”
(Genesis 1:3, 6,9,14,20,24). “Then God known as: Let Us Make the man.”
“Then”, when? When the cosmic order was finished, when the ground was ready
to support the man. Thus, while the man is held in front of God in a
relation of dependence created, it also has the statute of a single and
special personality compared to God.*

*The Pope François in relation to his time and a religious visionary,
thinks that there cannot be this civilization of the love about which PAUL
VI spoke, so after the disaster of the wars and conflicts, so to these
dramas is added that of the ecological drama.If the deforestation in
progress, the rise of the oceans, the cyclones, hurricanes more frequent,
the droughts, the pollution in the great urban centres, short if the human
life, animal, vegetable, mineral is affected by the ecological disasters
and disorders, this will lead to massive exoduses of population, tensions
between country and ethnos groups, in short all things which start to occur
between the climatic disturbances and the wars in particular in Iraq,
Sudan, Lybie in Syria, etc and the countries African which suffer from the
exactions of Islamic mobilities and the climatic dramas. In order to
perpetuate the universalism of the love, the cardinal virtues, charity, the
image of the Christ to which one adheres like example of human behavior and
model of faith, it is necessary on ground a planet for it safeguarding
great balances and allowing the order and the harmony.*


*French Writer with philosophical and observant purpose social French*


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